Mixtape: Ten Standout Singers from the San Francisco Bay Area

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/Voices_2016_Mixtape.mp3 Download: Mixtape: Ten Standout Singers from the San Francisco Bay Area (Podcast #395) This podcast originally appeared on KQED.org. San Francisco's Minna Choi has been known to indie musicians and music fans as the leader of the Magik*Magik Orchestra, contributing orchestral accompaniments to live performances and albums by countless acclaimed artists over the years. More recently, though, Choi announced a solo project under the Magik*Magik moniker, and unveiled a stunning duet with How To Dress Well. "Laugh a Lot" reveals Choi as not just a gifted composer, arranger, and conductor, but also as an impressive vocalist. More broadly, the [...]

Premiere: Scary Little Friends’ ‘Silent Revolution’ EP

Photo: Revival Tintype Over two and a half years since their debut full-length, From the Beginning, San Francisco's Scary Little Friends are finally releasing a follow-up tomorrow, Silent Revolution. Luckily, they're letting us share it with you a day early. The album was written over the past year and a half when lead singer Chris Jones says the band was "really starting to gel as a group." Silent Revolution has its roots in the concept Scary Little Friends developed on their debut - surrounding an amazing singer with solid musicians and catchy songwriting - it also shows progression. [...]

Interview: Phono del Sol performers Scary Little Friends

Scary Little Friends will be playing the Phono del Sol Music & Food Festival, July 11th at Potrero del Sol Park in San Francisco. Get your tickets before it’s too late! In a city with a wide variety of music, San Francisco trio Scary Little Friends somehow manage to not neatly fit into any particular scene. And if you ask me, that's a good thing. I've been hooked on the band since their 2013 debut, which features frontman Chris Jones' soaring vocals and rock melodies that don't need to be classified as anything other than good rock and roll. Scary [...]

The Best of the Rest, 10/03/2014 (Quaaludes, Cocktails, & more)

Quaaludes (source) It's time for our roundup of all those highlights from the last couple weeks that we weren't able to feature on their own – here's the best of the rest, as determined by The Bay Bridged editors. City-based quartet Quaaludes dropped their Nothing New EP on September 18, and it's yet another 12 minutes of furiously-paced, rage-driven, soul-baring punk rock: Nothing New by Quaaludes The creators of The Bay Bridged's Featured Album for September, Cocktails, surprised everyone with a previously unreleased nugget entitled "Tonic Nights". The track was recorded during the sessions for their excellent LP Adult Life [...]

Scary Little Friends take over Amnesia in August

Not only does Amnesia have a wonderful beer selection, they have absolutely killing it with their local band residencies this year: Farralons, Bill Baird, Cool Ghouls and Cellar Doors, Rin Tin Tiger, and many more fine folk and indie pop acts have graced their cozy stage. For August, Amnesia showcases another great band with Scary Little Friends taking over Tuesday nights. Scary Little Friends have been slowly gaining momentum in the year since their From the Beginning LP was released last May - they've been gigging more and more and garnering great reviews along the way. Get a taste of [...]

Review: Boy & Bear, Wildlife, Scary Little Friends @ Bottom of the Hill

“Let’s leave before the headliner,” an obnoxious, predictably male voice materialized from somewhere amidst the haze of the smoke-filled patio at the Bottom of the Hill. I shouldn’t have been there: I quit smoking weeks (okay, days) ago. It smelled like cheap cigarettes and cheaper perfume, it was irritatingly chilly as only the City by the Bay can be, but inside was unbearably hot and the smell of nicotine always helps me concentrate as I scribbled away at some barely comprehensible notes. Plus, I wanted to hear the guy finish his sentence: “That’s, like, the most hipster thing you can [...]

Review: DonCat and Split Screens dual vinyl release party at Bottom of the Hill

Saturday night at Bottom of the Hill laid claim to an all San Francisco based line-up, and two very exciting vinyl releases. Split Screens released The Sinner, a 7-inch that is leading up to a debut LP due this summer titled Before The Storm. Headliner DonCat (Duncan Nielsen) released his debut LP amusingly titled Don Gato, which was made a crowdfunding reality through fans / friends / family. First on the stage was Scary Little Friends, a musical powerhouse embodying California's easy-going yet earnestly idealistic personality. Fusing Americana and pop hooks, frontman Chris Jones belted out songs from their full-length [...]

Best of 2013: Russell Jelinek's highlights

John Murry (Photo by Amoreena Berg) I don't feel like ranking things, but here are some Bay Area highlights for 2013, limited to artists I wrote about: Favorite Albums: John Murry - Graceless Age: I tried to listen to Graceless Age in the background while doing some work on the computer. It didn't work. Murry punched me in the gut and took me away from whatever I was doing and totally consumed me. The standout "Little Colored Balloons", about Murry's heroin overdose in the Mission, may one of the most heartbreaking songs ever recorded, but there is so much more [...]

Video: Scary Little Friends – "City at Night"

San Francisco's Scary Little Friends, who blew me away with their stellar debut earlier this year, just dropped a video for their track "City at Night." The video takes you on a fun little journey through, well, the City at night, where white kids from the suburbs are ordering burritos and "pretending they don’t give a damn." It's good to put faces to voices and instruments as well. Scary Little Friends are celebrating their album release Friday at a Bottom of the Hill show, where I'm sure singer Chris Jones' impressive pipes will be on full display. The "City at [...]

Scary Little Friends – 'From the Beginning' LP

San Francisco's Scary Little Friends released their From the Beginning LP in May, which I completely missed until they sent it our way last month. After taking the time to listen to it start-to-finish (several times), I have no idea how this album has remained under the radar for so long. I guess From the Beginning could be best described as folk-rock, but it's really just a collection of damn fine songs full of uplifting melodies, big harmonies, and the occasional freight train drums reminiscent of The Tennessee Three. Singer and primary songwriter Chris Jones crafted a polished, cohesive debut [...]

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