Best of 2015: Graham of Outer Embassy on Halloween at the Starline Social Club

Something special happened in Oakland last April: the Starline Social Club officially opened its doors to the public. This century old community space is again a vibrant venue ready to nurture the community that many long time Oakland residents are working hard to preserve. Long story short, Halloween New Years was a tradition started years ago at Lobot Gallery. It's basically just Halloween except you count down to midnight and then drop a big pumpkin filled with candy from the ceiling. The more fun aspect of the tradition is the music curation. Local bands pick their "costume' and learn a [...]

Listen to Saything's new Steve Albini-produced album

Oakland's Saything recorded their latest album Nonsense with Steve Albini—no big deal, just the dude who produced Surfer Rosa for The Pixies and In Utero for Nirvana, along with thousands of other albums. That alone was reason enough for me to want to check out Nonsense. But Saything isn't the first Oakland band to work with Albini—local metal gods High on Fire and Neurosis both recorded some of their best albums with him. While Saything's music is not nearly as heavy as those two, there is a noise rock component plus a slacker/indie rock vibe that work well when coupled [...]

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