Satellite High releases 'The Art of Living Obnoxiously'

It's been awhile since we heard anything from SF's Satellite High (aka Jay Friedman), the self-anointed "Rap Game Bob Pollard" whose prolific 2012 produced eight releases including the stellar Rad Axxion. Now five months since his last release (January's Trap Keeper EP), he's back again, dropping a new full-length with the brilliant title The Art of Living Obnoxiously on June 14. The twenty-track record is classic Satellite High, with old school beats and rhymes spanning more than fifty minutes. And there's no shortage of Friedman's usual lyrical wit, as you might expect with songs named "I'm On My Space Shit [...]

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Satellite High playing at Neck of the Woods, 2/1/13

San Francisco's Satellite High is always busy in the studio, but his local live performances are relatively rare. Luckily, you have your chance to see Satellite in all his bearded glory this Friday at Neck of the Woods (the former Rockit Room). His latest studio release Trap Keeper is based on a teenager's notebook of rhymes that his wife found on the sidewalk. Like just about everything Satellite High does, all the sample-free instrumentation was performed by him, and it's pretty funny, too. After the show on Friday, Satellite will take some time off from recording to prepare for an [...]

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Christmas In The Bay, Part 2 – MORE Christmas tunes from local bands

Like we told you last week, Bay Area bands love the holidays and make plenty of music to celebrate. Here's another round of Christmas tunes from our local artists for you to enjoy. To kick things off, Cocktails released a sweet, original garage-rock Christmas tune, and they're playing a holiday show tonight with DSTVV and others! Details are at the bottom of the page. Fantastic bluegrass band The Parmesans actually recorded a special Christmas medley just because they heard of last week's post post (and because they are awesome). Stream or download here: The Parmesans - "Christmas Medley" A newcomer [...]

Satellite High releases 'Radd Axxion' EP

San Francisco's Satellite High (aka Jay Friedman) recently released Radd Axxion, an EP of studio odds and ends. There isn't a particular theme on the record, other than Friedman's obvious desire to take chances and experiment on most tracks. There's an anthem ("That Hat Makes You Look Like George Lucas"), a jazzy instrumental ("I Don't Actually Know What Jazz Means"), and a bizarre song with a kind of ska vibe ("Robot Arms (That's the Way We Do It)"). While every track probably won't connect with every listener, you have to admire Friedman for taking chances and putting out unique hip [...]

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Satellite High – "Dinner Bell" / "Orion"

Satellite High, aka Jay Friedman, is a rapper based in San Francisco who yesterday released Sing Along With Satellite High, an album entirely of covers that are a little different from what you're probably used to. Friedman took songs from The Dead Milkmen, Devo, Clutch, and others, and reinvented them as hip-hop tracks. The album was produced entirely by Friedman, who developed his musical prowess while growing up playing in punk bands in Florida. You can purchase cassettes (and digital copies) of Sing Along from Satellite High's Bandcamp page. Below, you can listen to his cover of "Dinner Bell" from [...]

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