From the Mailbag: Elle Niño, Sassy!!!, Microfiche

We get more submissions than we can handle here at TBB, so periodically we'll dip into the mailbag and check out a bunch of songs we've recently received. As always, feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments. A recent reader e-mail about how great Elle Niño is reminded me that we've been meaning to post something from the band's EP for a while now. The local electro-synth-pop band will be performing at the Hemlock Tavern on Sunday, June 19th (9pm, $6), with Spacehunter and Fa Fa Fa. Elle Niño by Elle Niño Diggin' Deep is the [...]

Episode 142: Live This Month – December 2008

[podcast][/podcast] Every month, we dedicate a week of our podcast to highlighting some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing soon in the San Francisco Bay Area. We've got ten great bands playing some excellent shows this month, so head out and see some live music! About the bands: San Diego's The Muslims ("Beside Myself") recently changed their name to The Soft Pack, which means their buzz-building The Muslims LP is no longer self-titled. They'll be playing with The Morning Benders (Feature Podcast) and Miniature Tigers (Phoenix) at the Rickshaw Stop on Friday, December 5th. San Francisco's The Dilettantes [...]

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