Live This Month: June 2018 — an audio guide to upcoming Bay Area concerts

Download: Live This Month: June 2018 (Podcast #430) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. Plenty of excellent new local tunes populate this mix, including songs from recent and upcoming releases by Le VICE, Pllush, Locus Pocus, Bézier, and FAN. We've also got a new one from Wooden Shjips' latest album, which finds the born-in-SF psych band exploring more concise, melodic song structures, as well as a tune from the exciting new Oakland project Still Woozy. On the touring front, standouts in [...]

King Woman to embark on West Coast tour with Flenser labelmates Sannhet

This weekend, The Flenser-curated tour featuring Sannhet, King Woman, and Planning for Burial kicks off in Portland. The label is home to a fleet of dark, introspective bands and solo acts, who often navigate experimental or even 'arty' waters. All three bands on this tour play music that utilizes thick distortion and its inherent textures as a medium for meditation, bands whose live shows feel like a calm evisceration. Sannhet back their heavy textures with blast beats and rapid, stop/start drum fills, while King Woman use repetitive, droning guitar riffs and crushing break downs to highlight Kristina's raspy, almost spiritual vocals. All three [...]

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