Sonny Smith’s new 7-inch with the Sandwitches also a digital download

Sonny + the Sandwitches - "Throw My Ashes From This Pier When I Die" Sonny Smith has a new 4-song 7" out December 11 on Empty Cellar Records, featuring more of the artwork from his 100 Records project. But there's a story behind the music here, too: Not long ago, Sonny Smith (Sonny & The Sunsets) survived a near-drowning off the coast of Northern California. The experience affected him profoundly and led to a wealth of output including a play, a novel, and a stack of songs. Sonny's critically acclaimed "100 Records" project is itself a direct product of Sonny's [...]

Woven Bones, Sandwitches, Splinters – Bottom of the Hill, 8/18

Don't you love it when the first band steals the show? I mean, of course we don't totally love it - we'd prefer to be knocked out by everyone on the bill. But there is something thrilling about the lesser-known, usually younger, usually greener openers getting up there, channeling their nerves and excitement into a great set and showing everyone how it's done. That's what The Splinters, a quartet from Berkeley, did at Bottom of the Hill Wednesday night, and they brought a bunch of their buddies with them to take audience of the night honors as well. The Splinters [...]

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