Important Hearing on SF Nightlife on Monday!

On Monday, October 26th at 1pm in Room 263 of City Hall, a San Francisco Board of Supervisors committee will be hearing legislation to expand the powers of the San Francisco Entertainment Commission. This isn't the sort of thing we normally write about here, but it's an important development and there are ways you can help. Here's some more background info from some Entertainment Commission supporters: The Entertainment Commission ("EC") was created in 2002 to take responsibility for the granting and oversight of Entertainment and Late Night permits. Before the EC, the granting, oversight and enforcement of these permits were [...]

Episode 155: Jocelyn Kane, SF Entertainment Commission

[podcast][/podcast] With The Bay Bridged heading down to South by Southwest this week, we thought we'd bring you a special episode of our weekly podcast. If SXSW is at least ostensibly about discovering the "next big thing" in independent music, there's much more to music's future than just finding new bands. Indeed, a healthy indie music scene requires an artist-friendly environment, meaning that music's future is intertwined with the future of housing, the economy, health care, and other areas of life in the City of San Francisco. With that in mind, this week's podcast features an interview with Jocelyn Kane, [...]

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