Harry the Nightgown on debut album, cringy influences and analog purists

Photo: Courtney Melahn LA/San Francisco-based Harry the Nightgown is the creative union between Spencer Harting and Cherry Glazerr bassist Sami Perez. Both producer-musicians worked at San Francisco’s Tiny Telephone— it’s no surprise that their technical skill as producers are immediately obvious. Even across the three singles, there’s a ton of variation in the sonic palette and plenty of interesting production choices for the listener to pick through. In a feat that speaks to their talent as both producers and musicians, Perez and Harting are able to draw from all kinds of sounds and styles and still end up [...]

“Not My Loneliness, But Ours”: Topographies premieres EP with proceeds going to SF New Deal

In another episode of pandemic-inspired creativity and benevolence, dream pop quartet Topographies debuts their EP Not My Loneliness, But Ours. The EP was entirely written and recorded individually from each band members' home before being fused together. All proceeds will go to SF New Deal, a COVID-19 relief founded by residents — and run by volunteers — to support San Francisco’s small businesses and working people and to preserve and cultivate the city’s unique culture. The four-track EP has a gloomy tinge to it, reminiscent of sounds from new wave artists like The Cure or The Smiths. Apparently the apple doesn't fall [...]

Supporting BFF.fm keeps the music coming and shines a silver lining

We’ve all been hearing stories of resilience, boundary pushing (in a good way), and communities coming together in new ways. One of our biggest sources of togetherness during the times of shutdown has been livestreaming and radio. “Radio stations are considered an essential business,” says Amanda Guest, founder and director of Best Frequencies Forever, better known as BFF.fm. “So we could have just kept doing things the way we were doing them, but we were concerned as a community, because we have a very diverse group of 125 DJs — that’s a lot of people coming in and out of [...]

Premiere: Baybs’ dreamy “Would You Dare”

(photo: Nikki Pratchios) After the release of last year’s single “You’re the Only One,” we’ve been ready and waiting for Baybs’ next dreamy pop tune and were delighted to put our ears to the band’s newest single, “Would You Dare” off their forthcoming EP, Introvertigo. Baybs is the musical project of San Francisco-based artist Craig Jacobs, whose collaborators include backup vocalist Melissa Russi, Timothy Vickers on bass and keys, along with Kyle DeMartini on lead guitar and most recently, Chloe Zelma Studebaker (Zelma Stone) on back up vocals. Jacobs, who in addition to singing these fine tunes plays guitar and [...]

Little Shrine are sparkling and confrontational on ‘The Good Thing About Time’

Last Friday, San Francisco’s Little Shrine released their sophomore LP, The Good Thing About Time. On it, bassist and singer-songwriter Jade Shipman thoroughly explores the past while simultaneously interrogating the present, taking it to task with an unapologetically feminist ethos. Instrumentally, the album draws from the rich canon of trailblazing folk punk bands like Mischief Brew, but Little Shrine bucks folk punk tradition and does not relish in their own sloppiness. From the lush string arrangements to the driving bluegrass backbeats, The Good Thing About Time is precise and measured, betraying a barely suppressed anger and resentment of the status [...]

Your Fearless Leader release “Lime”

On January 10, San Francisco’s Your Fearless Leader (YFL) released new single “Lime.” The tune is infused with horns, strings and a kind of gypsy jazz and rock with a baroque pop undertone. We hear some Arcade Fire moments with poppier beats and a tone that says we’ve had enough. There are some in-your-face calls to action and cries of upset. The band says of the new single, “‘Lime’ is a reflection of modern Western society that highlights topics relating to oppression, capitalism, and the existential search for meaning.” YFL is excited to release their latest, and we present it [...]

‘Hot Sick Vile and Fun,’ out on Rocks in Your Head

Rocks in Your Head, the new San Francisco record label started by Sonny Smith (Sonny and the Sunsets) just released its second album, Volume 1: Hot Sick Vile and Fun. The collection has a wide range of songs, from the sweet acoustic Gonks’ vocals (title track) to the punky-fun rock of Toyota (track “Why”), to David Novick’s acoustic guitar song, then right into Blue Ocean’s “Love,” a pure and gentle rock song a la Weezer. When Smith put together the collection, he had the people of San Francisco in mind. As Smith says, “This is a modest selection of the [...]

Swap your records with Maximum RockNRoll and Thrillhouse Records at The Knockout this Sunday

If you're looking for something to do on one of your slow afternoons this upcoming weekend, look no further. Renowned international DIY punk fanzine Maximum RockNRoll teams with local San Francisco record shop Thrillhouse Records to present a record swap this Sunday at The Knockout. The event will be more than just records and day drinking at your local San Francisco dive. Tables will also be offering zines, comics, accessories, and photo prints for sale. Stock up on your gamut of DIY materials and choose from a variety of artwork to 7"s from Thrillhouse and other local, independent vendors. Check [...]

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