The Show Must Go On: Livestreaming concerts when going out isn’t an option

One of the many industries hit particularly hard by the realities of COVID-19 is the gigging music economy. With effectively every public event in the Bay Area cancelled, musicians are turning to livestreaming their concerts as an alternative way to stay connected to their fans & make ends meet. Two Bay Area music professionals Jules Indelicato and Liliana Urbain are taking it one step further, creating an online space that features a consistent calendar of performances that also allows viewers to directly support artists without being limited to one particular streaming platform. Thus was born The Show Must Go On, [...]

Art & Technology, Part II: Opportunities, Challenges, and Moving Forward

San Francisco (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) In Part I of Art & Technology, I spoke with the 16 musicians to uncover how musicians are experiencing and how they perceive the current state of the Bay Area. Based on the direction I assumed the interviews would go, the initial title of "Art & Technology" was "Art versus Technology", and it was supposed to be a single piece. However, as I spoke with each artist, the conversation evolved into one that placed those in the realms of art and technology next to each other, instead of head-to-head in competition. Based on my conversations with Mark Tester [...]

Art & Technology, Part I: The state of the Bay Area from the musician’s perspective

San Francisco (Photo: Samuel Wantman/Wikimedia Commons) The ongoing technology takeover and subsequent affordability crisis in San Francisco has saturated recent conversation here in the Bay Area. As the social, economical, and cultural landscapes continue to shift with no signs of slowing down, the dialogue has become muddled with brash accusations and blind finger pointing, and the fighting has gotten ugly on both sides. I spoke with 16 Bay Area artists - Pat McDonald, Pat Thomas, and Alex Fleshman of Cool Ghouls; Mark Tester of Burnt Ones; Matthew Melton of Warm Soda, Jeff Lewis and Elliott Kiger of The Spyrals; [...]

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