Sade Sundays: Variations on a Religious Experience

Part 1 By: Michael Tapscott Sade Sunday’s sat cold with a lingering spirit, an unnamed and undefined amorphous blob that cried out, “you have a commitment here fellows!” So, I met with Josh, on a Wednesday, in his bedroom. As we rotated seats between his couch and his bed to play tracks of our own choosing that the other person could care less about, I thought to myself, “this shall not do.” Josh and I met in Indiana University, our musical sophistication lies in those backwaters where we weaned each other on and off the new indie torrents and enjoyed [...]

Sade Sundays #2: The Secret Lives of Men – ABC BBD

A sort of tired determinism lay in the air over the second Sade Sunday meeting between Josh and myself. We intended on talking at a rope swing, which we had relieved ourselves of care on the month previous, that lay high in the Berkeley hills overlooking the bay and all its bridges. The voyage was arduous at best. We got lost. Once we had found our former place of repose, the old rope swing was gone and in its place a frayed rope and now silent skid marks down the hill. Yes readers, we could have died. So, we forsook [...]

Sade Sundays: Wooden Shjips, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Darwinsbitch

We decided to do it at The Nature Food dispensary Mike works at. A shared warehouse in north Berkeley, it houses and packages a wide-range of mindbogglingly expensive grains, nuts and nutbutters. The insides were as sterile as expected; until Mike spilled a 10lb bag of $80 seeds on the floor. The middle room smelled like a farm. A fine place to hold the inaugural Sade Sundays for The Bay Bridged. (Read: Sade Sundays is essentially Mike and I writing checks our butts can't cash; we will be discussing music. Much like everyone does. Except we're calling it Sade Sundays [...]

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