Get to know: Sad Bastard Book Club

"Being in San Francisco right now is like living on borrowed time," Justin Wasterlain of Sad Bastard Book Club says. "For people like us, the rising rents, evictions, mindless tech spending, and boutiquification of neighborhoods spell one thing: displacement.  It's like staring down a tidal wave.  You can run, but it's going to catch up and wash you away." This sense of impermanence, this profound acceptance of the inevitable end of all things, permeates the group's new EP, The Crow Nose Quartet's "Carrion, My Wayward Son". From the haunting opening harmonies that sound like a Gregorian chant to bursts of violent [...]

Sunbeam Rd. record release party at Thee Parkside, 1/26/13

Sunbeam Rd. is playing a record release party at Thee Parkside on January 26th for new album Breathers. You might recall last year when we told you about the Kickstarter for this album. Well, it's now a reality, and Sunbeam Rd. wants you to enjoy the fruits of their labor (and perhaps also the fruits of your support). Other than requesting your presence at the record release show so they can regale you with the fine indie-pop tunes to be found on Breathers, Sunbeam Rd. posted several download codes over on the release show's Facebook event page, codes you can [...]

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