Interview: Ryan Von Gonten speaks on Christian-core influence and upcoming music

Photo by Walker Spence I caught Ryan Von Gonten walking into the Knockout about five minutes before doors were supposed to open. Following the procession of amplifier- and guitar-carrying musicians, I spotted Von Gonten at the back of the venue. He’s wearing a dark button-up and leaning against the doorframe of the green room when I walk up to greet him. We’d agreed to meet after the show for a drink, but given that it was right around dinnertime and we were in the middle of the Mission District, we opted to grab pre-show tacos instead. Having listened [...]

Ryan Von Gonten at the Knockout

Along with SEEMWAY and Gracie Gray, Ryan Von Gonten will be playing the Knockout this Sunday, May 5. His music is slow, sad and sentimental featuring gentle string and smooth synth pads. He fits in pretty well with the bedroom pop wave; everything feels very DIY and personal, but his songs have a danceable (or maybe a sway-able) groove to them and plenty of catchy melodies to keep the audience engaged. His music video for “Corpse Flower,” a track off his latest album Truthlikeness (2018), is essentially just a video of him and his band playing the track live, maintaining [...]

Chill your friday with Ryan Von Gonten’s new ‘Truthlikeness’

Like so many before him, Ryan Von Gonten moved to the Bay Area and shortly thereafter dove into creative work. Ryan Von Gonten (not actually his name, but an alias) had spent his early artistic years working with musicians like Lomelda, Molly Burch, and members of the Walkmen. After moving from Texas to Oakland, he got to work. The result is the ethereal Truthlikeness, an excellent match for the gray coastline that graces the record's cover. Beautiful in craft but clouded over with a sense of hesitation, the album wanders its way across a series of muted scenes. Truthlikeness by [...]

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