Friday: Shock (Sorcerer/Rubies) performs at Underground SF

With a debut record coming out later this year, local electronic pop band Shock (Dan Judd of Sorcerer/Windsurf, Terri Loewenthal of Rubies, and Michael Taras) are performing at a free epicsauce-produced show this Friday night. The above reworking by Chautauqua (Loose Shus and Randy "Hotthobo" Ellis) applies a new age synth palette to "Heaven." Listen to the original and a dub remix by The Beat Broker below. Shock, DJ Hotthobo Underground SF April 13, 2012 9pm, Free

Weekend Mix: 1/28-2/1

Thursday: Silver Swans, The Frail, Jonesin' @ Cafe du Nord (9pm, $10) Silver Swans - "Bi Polar Bear" Friday: Clipd Beaks, Late Young, White Cloud, Raccoons @ Hemlock (9:30pm, $6) White Cloud - "Galapagos (demo)" Saturday: Battlehooch, Judgement Day, The Hot Moon @ Bottom of the Hill (8:30pm, $10) Battlehooch - "Take the L Train" Monday: Mates of State, Rubies @ Cafe du Nord (8pm, $20) Rubies - "Stand in a Line"

Thirty-Two Great San Francisco Bay Area Albums from 2009 (Part 1)

The Bay Area may not have a single unified scene, but its diverse musical communities produced a ton of acclaimed records in 2009. The following list collects thirty-two of the highlights that made this another banner year for Bay Area indie music. It's a collection that showcases the depth of Bay Area indie in 2009, and one suspects that few other regions have offered this volume of quality releases this year. A couple of qualifiers: This isn't a comprehensive list of excellent local records from 2009 or intended as any sort of official Bay Bridged "Best of" set. Plenty of [...]

Ten from 2009 (Podcast #194)

[podcast][/podcast] In preparing some end-of-the-year features that will run over the next week, we were once again struck by how many Bay Area bands made a significant impact on indie music this year. We were pleased to sit down with some of the Bay Area's best this year for interviews on our podcast, and have collected music from 10 of our favorite interviewed bands for this recap episode. If you like what you hear, check out our podcast episodes spotlighting each of these bands. This will be our last podcast of the year, but we'll be continuing regular blogging right [...]

Media Monday: locals on Daytrotter + new Still Flyin’ track

Those behind on their Daytrotter sessions should be aware that a few hometown heroes were recently featured on the website. Two new sessions from Still Flyin' and Deerhoof were released in August, and Still Flyin' offered an unreleased track, "Runaway Train II." Be sure to check out the rest of the session, and as always, the tracks are available for download. Still Flyin' - "Runaway Train II" Also, I came across some San Francisco show footage on Daytrotter's front page, including a clip of Bob Mould with No Age (Bottom of the Hill, Noise Pop 2009) and an [...]

Rubies (Podcast #173)

[podcast][/podcast] This week, we're excited to feature Rubies, a band led by Simone Rubi and Terri Lowenthal, both formerly of Call and Response. If you're familiar with that Bay Area indie pop band, who released some great California-feeling albums in the early-to-mid 2000s, it won't surprise you that catchy melodies and warm harmonies are some of the new band's strengths as well. At the same time, the group's sonic toolkit is considerably tougher to pin down, with a blend of folk, pop, disco, and electronica that's catchy and danceable. The melange has a distinctively cosmopolitan, modern feel to it, and [...]

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Mission Creek Holds Court at McLaren Park

Mission Creek held a major free concert in McLaren Park on Saturday featuring over a dozen great bands and a bunch of good times. For me, the event was equal parts great local music and sales pitch for the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater, which I hadn't known existed prior to the show. I was admittedly skeptical as I got off my second bus of the day, bringing the travel time to the fest to a round hour-and-a-half, and adding a "This better be worth it" feeling to the experience, but I wandered down a hill to the emerge upon the backside [...]

Sade Sundays #2: The Secret Lives of Men – ABC BBD

A sort of tired determinism lay in the air over the second Sade Sunday meeting between Josh and myself. We intended on talking at a rope swing, which we had relieved ourselves of care on the month previous, that lay high in the Berkeley hills overlooking the bay and all its bridges. The voyage was arduous at best. We got lost. Once we had found our former place of repose, the old rope swing was gone and in its place a frayed rope and now silent skid marks down the hill. Yes readers, we could have died. So, we forsook [...]

Mission Creek: Free show this Saturday in McLaren Park

Bart Davenport - "Jon Jon" There's a lot of great stuff happening as part of this year's Mission Creek Music Festival, but few can compete with the FREE show happening this Saturday, July 18th, from 11am-8pm at the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater in McLaren Park (40 John F Shelley Drive at Mansell Street). There's a staggeringly-good lineup of bands, and the MCMF folks promise "DJs, local indie vendors, designers, fashion, and a variety of food carts" as well. Rubies - "Stand in a Line" The lineup of bands includes: Dead Meadow Kelley Stoltz Persephone's Bees Rubies Bart [...]

Ticket Giveaway Wednesday (Part 1 of 2): Rubies, Bray, The Veils

Thursday, July 9th - Rubies @ Rickshaw Stop Rubies will be celebrating the US release of their album, Explode from the Center, with a dance party at the Rickshaw Stop tomorrow. Indie folk artist Little Wings and local disco-electro group Windsurf will be supporting. The third person to send an E-mail to with their full name and the subject line "I want to see Rubies!" will win a pair of tickets to the show! Saturday, July 11th - Bray @ The Independent Another album release hits The Independent on Saturday with Bray releasing their new full-length @mphibian. Also performing [...]

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