Galore releases “Deja Vu” off debut album out June 1st

If you didn’t know better--and if the camera didn’t occasionally glimpse a new model of car--you might think that Galore’s music video for new single “Deja Vu” was released in the 90's. Beyond the DIY camcorder shots, the music itself feels like a revival of a bygone era. Jangly guitars and detached vocals evoke The Aislers Set and many other Slumberland Records bands. Galore has absolutely done their sonic predecessors justice with their debut self-titled record, due out June 1st. This release marks the third single and music video from Galore’s self-titled debut album, and features the band (who are [...]

Five things you didn’t know about the Gonks: the album

Hot dog we’re excited to have gotten our hands on the new Gonks album, put out by San Francisco’s Rocks in Your Head Records (Sonny Smith’s babychild). Five Things You Didn't Know About The Gonks arrives November 22 and is led by teen Ava Lynch on vocals and drums, with Sami Perez on vocals and bass. As Smith says, “In the shortest description it has a kind of Shangri La’s meets Tronics thing.” Voila, and we’re sold. “I’m A Lonely Night Driver” is a sweet showcase of Lynch’s vocals and track “My Glamorous Mother” has a solid Kinks feel we’re digging on pretty [...]

‘Hot Sick Vile and Fun,’ out on Rocks in Your Head

Rocks in Your Head, the new San Francisco record label started by Sonny Smith (Sonny and the Sunsets) just released its second album, Volume 1: Hot Sick Vile and Fun. The collection has a wide range of songs, from the sweet acoustic Gonks’ vocals (title track) to the punky-fun rock of Toyota (track “Why”), to David Novick’s acoustic guitar song, then right into Blue Ocean’s “Love,” a pure and gentle rock song a la Weezer. When Smith put together the collection, he had the people of San Francisco in mind. As Smith says, “This is a modest selection of the [...]

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