Mixtape: Spotlight on San Francisco Singer-Songwriters

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/SF_Songwriters_2015_Mix.mp3 Download: Mixtape: Spotlight on San Francisco Singer-Songwriters (Podcast #361) It's not entirely clear why a remarkable new wave of singer-songwriters has begun to emerge in the San Francisco Bay Area recently, but we certainly aren't complaining. Other genres may fall more in and out of vogue, but a wide array of local songwriting talents influenced by folk, rock, blues, pop, and psych are performing regularly in places like Viracocha, Doc's Lab, and The Chapel, and banding together for showcases like the Fog City Songwriters series of quarterly events. While veteran performers like Lia Rose and The Sam Chase regularly [...]

Rivvrs goes all-in for debut EP, ‘Hold On’

Rivvrs, the moniker for Bay Area based pop/folk singer-songwriter Brandon Zahursky, just dropped his debut EP, Hold On. After a number of stints attempting to find the perfect fit band-wise, music-wise, and personally, Zahursky went into the production of the EP with what he describes as an "all-in attitude." "I told myself I wanted to release a set of all new, unreleased material," he said to me. "It gave me a sort of fresh start and I was able to put that into the songs. I came up with the Rivvrs moniker while writing the first few songs, and it added [...]

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