All the fundraisers I know of for local venues

I'm sorry to start this off with such a sobering idea, but I think we've all thought it: San Francisco is going to be a very different place when this is all over. With restaurants, bars, and performance spaces having to shutter while we shelter in place, we are at grave risk of losing much of the nightlife we love so much here (seriously — I was talking to a bartender a few weeks ago and she said bar staff come specifically to the Bay to find work because we go so hard). To reduce the risk of having to [...]

Rickshaw Stop celebrates 15 years with a week of retro shows

What would we do without Rickshaw Stop? For , the hole-in-the-wall venue has played host to local up-and-comers, national acts on their last tour before the break big, and our very own anniversary in 2016. Rickshaw Stop will be hosting a series of shows in honor of their decade-and-a-half anniversary — some local, some national, but all acts that have made it the beloved venue it is today. Starting with Diet Cig and ending with Coast Modern, the week and weekend of January 9 will be a celebration of all things Rickshaw past and present. Show info and links to [...]

Palma Violets headlining Rickshaw Stop tonight

After a raucous SXSW performance that ended with being dramatically dragged off stage, the UK's Palma Violets are hopefully bringing that reckless attitude back to San Francisco. The South London band are headlining tonight at Rickshaw Stop ahead of the release of their second album, Danger In The Club. The band have been in hiding over the past year where they've been writing and recording more of their garage rock sound. Having been catapulted from obscurity to being on the cover of NME in late 2012, Palma Violets took the UK indie rock scene by storm. Before getting signed by [...]

Exclusive: Tempo No Tempo’s Waking Heat mixtape

Tempo No Tempo - "Kilometer" Following two acclaimed EPs, Waking Heat is the first full length album from SF's Tempo No Tempo. The album is the group's first release as a trio, and it introduces a sound that's simultaneously funkier and noisier than before. Tempo No Tempo celebrates Waking Heat's release this Thursday at the Rickshaw Stop, where they'll be joined by Maus Haus and Man/Miracle. To give you a little more insight into the inspiration behind the band's new album, TNT made this exclusive mixtape for The Bay Bridged, featuring some of their favorite songs. The band [...]

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