Review: Christian Mistress, Acid King, Thrones @ Hemlock Tavern 10/29/10

Photo by: Raymond Ahner The metal ghouls were out in force October 29th, and Hemlock Tavern's living-room-sized concert space was packed to the rafters. Beyond the plastic divider, expectant but ultimately frustrated supplicants waited fruitlessly, relegated to straining their ears towards whatever bled through the wall. The carnage that ensued justified the big turnout completely. Olympia, Washington's Christian Mistress's incendiary performance confirmed their status as one of the underground's most promising products; the music refracted the proto-thrash of NWOBHM pioneers Diamond Head through a modern, sweat-soaked, DIY lens. Rapid-fire dual harmonies and driving D-beats were the order of the day, [...]

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