Supporting keeps the music coming and shines a silver lining

We’ve all been hearing stories of resilience, boundary pushing (in a good way), and communities coming together in new ways. One of our biggest sources of togetherness during the times of shutdown has been livestreaming and radio. “Radio stations are considered an essential business,” says Amanda Guest, founder and director of Best Frequencies Forever, better known as “So we could have just kept doing things the way we were doing them, but we were concerned as a community, because we have a very diverse group of 125 DJs — that’s a lot of people coming in and out of [...]

Discuss: Does indie music have a place on the radio?

This week's Bay Area radio shakeup saw KUSF's 90.3fm signal sold to classical station KDFC in a shady deal that paid the University of San Francisco $3.75 million to pull the plug on SF's legendary community-oriented radio station, which had been on the air since 1977. KUSF will apparently still survive online, but given USF President Stephen A. Privett's remark that the station "was of minimal benefit to my students," one suspects it won't be the same if/when it returns. Without KUSF, San Francisco has lost its only above-ground freeform music station, and a major supporter of local independent music. [...]

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