Spiritual Cramp drops new video, “Earth to Mike”

It's Tuesday morning, what're you doing? Probably curating some pictures of Labor Day brunch or a scenic beach sunset for your IG feed? Knock it off right now, that shit ain't punk. Do yourself a favor: take a break from your work emails, your late-morning doomscrolling, or whatever awful true-crime podcast you're binging — and check out Spiritual Cramp's new single "Earth to Mike." Directed by Timmy Lodhi, the video is a bump of high-energy Bay Area punk rock that will make you want to punch air and two-step straight down to the nearest moped dealership. If you need something [...]

Video: Decent Criminal, “Bleached”

Hey, what you doing right now? Yeah that's what I thought. Here, take 4 minutes out of your busy day of Zoom meetings, bread baking, and fluctuating existential dread to watch the new Decent Criminal video. Their new single "Bleached" is a punchy little slice of West Coast punk rock to get your weekend started off right. And the video? You got face masks, zombies, and family drama, so you know I'm into it. Shittttt, can we go to live shows yet? No? Fine, just watch the damn video.

Last call with Nothington at Bottom of the Hill

Left to right: Chris Matulich, Ryan Donovan, Jay Northington Walking his new puppy through Alamo Square on a clear SF morning, Chris Matulich seems content with the prospect of taking his foot off the gas for awhile. "When we started, there was nothing I wanted to do more than escape my life at home and go on tour," reflects the singer/guitarist of Nothington. Matulich and co-vocalist/guitarist Jay Northington have been the core of the San Francisco punk band since their inception in 2006. The band made a name for themselves writing melodic punk anthems with gritty, blue-collar craftsmanship. With [...]

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