“Music is Magic”: PSDSP go analog with ‘Luddite’

Additional reporting by Carolyn McCoy PSDSP is a band with an uneasy relationship to technology. Ask singer and guitarist Eli Carlton-Pearson how he feels about digital technology and he doesn’t hold back. “Fuck the internet, fuck tech, fuck Google, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Instagram. Fuck all the greedy-ass shady-ass businesses commodifying our minds, replacing innate wisdom and intuition with cheap skills, replacing cultures with trends, shortening our attention span to the point that the greater issues, the heritage of our problems, of our solutions, is incomprehensible because it’s too many characters long or too many seconds long.” However indifferent their social [...]

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Review + Photos: Physical Suicide Deterrent System Project delivers rambunctious joy at Sweetwater Music Hall

Physical Suicide Deterrent System Project (photo: Carolyn McCoy) Words by Carolyn McCoy Sometimes a band gets into your head and rearranges your brain synapses so that you are never the same again. Once music like that enters your body, there is nothing to do but to allow it to become part of who you are. With a force of sonic madness that can only be thought of as “getting fucked by music”, Marin County grunge rock band Physical Suicide Deterrent System Project has no problem making their music hit you like a truck, in a way that feels really good. The [...]

Review + Photos: PSDSP at Peri’s

PSDSP (photo: William Wayland) What do you say about a band called Physical Suicide Deterrent System Project (PSDSP)? Are they goofball punks or morbid goths? They’re neither, really. This is a confident band that starts with grunge and layers in jazz, funk, and hardcore. Maybe a few other things. At 1:18am when the Peri’s crowd starts chanting “Don’t Stop!” PSDSP turns it into a funky jam and keeps going. It’s appropriate that PSDSP teamed up with Modern Monsters for this show, the first time these bands shared the same bill. Modern Monsters is another band that’s hard to put in a box. Their eclectic mix [...]

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