SXSW 2016: Lone Star, Protomartyr & the severed head of Donald Trump

Charles Bradley is pure magic. I raced directly to Stubb's from the airport, cracked my first Lone Star and melted in his charms. How amazing to see someone, recently homeless, find such success. The very talented 7 piece band were oddly but completely white. I was skeptical but Mercury Rev delivered one of the highlights of the weekend. The 1am set included "Holes" from 1998's Deserter's Songs and "The Dark is Rising" from 2001's All is Dream. Many Shiner Bocks later, transported back in time 18 years, I danced what must have been a hideous display. The band will be [...]

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The Bay Abridged: Mar 2 – 30

Annie Girl and the Flight (photo: Jon Ching) In this recurring feature known as The Bay Abridged, our staff writers will provide short, witty recaps on shows they attended around the Bay Area. A scene check, a heat check, and sometimes more — stop by every other Wednesday for the most comprehensive and concise recap of last week's Bay Area concert scene. Protomartyr at Bottom of the Hill (SF) Mar. 4. With his rumpled suit, thinning hair, and permanent scowl, Protomartyr lead singer Joe Casey looks more like a disgruntled subway commuter than the lead singer of a post-punk outfit. [...]

Detroit punkers Protomartyr play Bottom of the Hill tomorrow

There is always something strangely satisfying about when a band’s sound perfectly aligns with the image and aura of the place they call home. Whether it’s the Strokes conveying the detached coolness of New York City or Queens of the Stone channeling the scorched vastness of the California desert, bands that musically reflect their origins just seem to have an extra layer of authenticity. So it’s heartening to see the noticeable connection between punk rockers Protomartyr and Detroit, the crumbling Midwestern metropolis that is their home. Like the city’s blue collar lineage, Protomartyr’s sound is direct, blunt and without airs, [...]

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Live This Month: May 2014 — an audio guide to upcoming SF concerts Download: Live This Month: May 2014 — an audio guide to upcoming SF concerts (Podcast #336) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. It's a big month for local bands Doe Eye and Papercuts, both of whom have record release shows for exciting new albums. Doe Eye's Television is the first LP from Maryam Qudus and her band, and, on first listen, it's a real winner. Embellishing Qudus' singer-songwriter pop with impressive studio inventiveness, there's a feeling of liberated creativity to [...]

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