PRF BBQ shakes up East Bay for the fourth time

Conan Neutron and the Secret Friends (photo: Patric Carver) PRF BBQ is a traveling music festival that hits cities around the United States each year. Born from discussions on Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio message boards, the festival brings folks together purely for the love of rock and roll. The festival's had a springtime event in Oakland dubbed PRF BBQ West for the past four years and I was fortunate enough to check it out this year. The first night of the festival occurred in the ironically dim Night Light. The night revealed an eclectic lineup, and Externs, a local San [...]

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PRF BBQ returns to the West Coast, whether you know it or not

These are some troubling times. This winter seemed extra oppressive, dragging even the most cheerfully stalwart amongst us into at least a short period of malaise. Turning on the evening news lately can be catalyst for a full-blown panic attack. We need something good to happen. We need community. We need a barbecue. A barbecue? Next to the blossoming of Erigenia, I can’t think of anything that is more a harbinger of springtime than a barbecue. So, yes, we need a barbecue, and I personally like my barbecues served up with a heavy dose of rock and roll. Enter renaissance [...]

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