Review + Photos: Poster Children at Café du Nord

Poster Children (photo: Patric Carver) Of all the scenes in The Exorcist, the one that strikes me the most is arguably the least flashy. There’s no contortionism, no projectile vomit. I’m talking about the scene when Satan, through human puppet Reagan, starts scolding Father Damien with the voice of his late mother by repeating, “Why you do this to me, Dimi?” The reason it grips me is because its so telling of the full level of possession that is taking place. The intrusion isn’t just into the mind of the fully possessed, poor nightgown-clad Reagan, but also in the mind [...]

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Best of 2016: Patric Carver’s concert photos of the year

A Very Bloody Misfit Cabaret (photo: Patric Carver) Editor's note: Patric Carver is a new addition to The Bay Bridged photography team and in a short amount of time has already amassed an impressive number of photos from some shows in and around the Bay Area.  He has also covered some unique music events that you can see in his gallery below, which includes selections from cabaret shows. Here are 14 of his favorite photos he took from the year, all unique and of quite a few different bands and acts from the last few months.

Review + Photos: Taxes pay their dues while Poster Children light up Bottom of the Hill

Poster Children (photo: Patric Carver) Bottom of the Hill is celebrating their 25th anniversary as a central force in the local music scene, so it is fitting that pivotal rockers Poster Children would play there while touring to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their watershed album, Daisy Chain Reaction. Opening bands Taxes and Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends warmed up a crowd that was already boiling over. Taxes’ Robby Cronholm urged the crowd to come closer to the stage by stating, “the disparity is getting to me,” before swinging into a melodic set that was pleasurable if forgettable. Aside from a few [...]

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