Album Premiere: Unconditional Arms, ‘Formation’

Jeff Wright of Unconditional Arms So I think it's safe to say we're all in a transition period, right? Both as individuals and as a society? Yeahhhh. That's why the timing for the release of Formation, the new album from Unconditional Arms, could not be more apropos. The Oakland post-rock group has been in a constant state of transition since its inception ten years ago. And, IMHO, post-rock is the perfect music for self-isolation anyways — it's almost scientifically engineered for deep introspection and emotional catharsis (I don't want to count the times I've driven around in the [...]

Dinner with Wander

(photo: Christian Dao) Christian Francisco, the guitarist and de-facto manager for Wander, and I arranged to meet at the Shooting Star Cafe in downtown Oakland. In our emails, Christian had described the menu as “endless,” which honestly still didn’t prepare me for the size and breadth of the menu that was placed before me, with dishes ranging from classic Asian-fusion fare to an array of breakfast options that would put Denny’s to shame. Ryan Francisco, the drummer and songwriter, remarks “this place straight-up sells Cup Noodles” as we take our seats. Flanking Christian is his partner Christina Dao, a designer [...]

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