Pop-Up Magazine makes a great ‘Escape’ to the Bay Area and beyond

What is Pop-Up Magazine? Well...for starters, it's not a magazine, not really anyway. But if you took the contents of a good magazine — narrative explorations on art, music, comedy, drawings, politics — and exploded them off of the paper and onto the stage, you might have some idea of what Pop-Up Magazine is all about. It's 'new media' in a nutshell, except you won't find it online, so you can only experience it in person. This particular iteration is "The Escape Issue," and there's a lot to unpack. For starters, there are partnerships with comedian Jordan Carlos (HBO’s Divorce; [...]

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Pop-Up Magazine returns to the Bay Area with Spring 2019 Issue tour

(All photos: Jon Snyder) Pop-Up Magazine is all your content needs rolled into one: A podcast, film, stand-up comedy, concert, and an original score performed onstage by musical collaborators, Magik*Magik Orchestra brought to the stage for a one-of-a-kind experience that doubles as literary FOMO (if you miss out on this event, there's no digital evidence to be found later). For this round, the live magazine show hitting both sides of the Bay Area this time for its Spring 2019 Issue tour including writers Jon Mooallem (The New York Times Magazine; author, Wild Ones), Mallika Rao (The Atlantic), Chris Colin (The [...]

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Review: Pop-Up Magazine’s Fall Issue at the Curran

(photo: Jon Snyder) Pop-Up Magazine’s fall issue wrapped up its first-ever three-night run at San Francisco’s Curran Theater. This is a big year for the media show that originated in San Francisco. Not only has it expanded to three nights instead of one, it will also have its first international show in Toronto. Pop-Up Magazine can be hard to describe to someone who’s never seen the show before. This is because all the stories are kept a secret until the show starts. Then, after it’s over, not a single part of the show is made available again. It also uses [...]

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Pop-Up Magazine Fall Issue sets up shop at the Curran this month

Pop-Up Magazine is heading to the Curran for three nights during their Fall Issue tour. Never been? It's an experience like no other. Pop-Up Magazine quite literally pops up and showcases their work as a "live magazine," featuring contributors telling never-before-told multimedia stories onstage. Experience seeing things in a blink of an eye with illustrations, animation, photography, and even original scores by Magik*Magik Orchestra. A few contributors for this edition include Rebecca Skloot (#1 New York Times bestseller The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks), Ann Friedman (co-host, Call Your Girlfriend), a href="https://twitter.com/EmilyDreyfuss">Emily Dreyfuss (Wired), Hrishikesh Hirway (host, Song Exploder and [...]

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Review: Pop-Up Magazine delivered tears, surprises, laughs

Pop-Up Magazine came back to Oakland for their Spring 2018 tour on May 10 at the Paramount Theater. The touring show combines aspects from concerts, podcasts, and magazines into one live performance. It’s never recorded, so the only the audience gets to see it. This show featured stories from Jenée Desmond-Harris, Davy Rothbart, and John Jeremiah Sullivan. There was also a musical performance of totally unreleased music from local musician Fantastic Negrito. A signature of Pop-Up storytelling is a zig-zagging narrative that starts in one place and ends in somewhere you’d never expect. The performances ranged from funny to serious and absurd, [...]

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Pop-Up Magazine returns for an evening of storytelling and music

Pop Up Magazine at the Curran San Francisco on Thursday, February 1, 2018 (Photo: Erin Brethauer) Pop-Up Magazine is a live, touring "magazine" that combines music with storytelling, and it's coming back to the Paramount Theater in Oakland on May 10. The Oakland show will feature stories from Jenée Desmond-Harris, Davy Rothbart, John Jeremiah Sullivan, Oakland musician Fantastic Negrito, and more. If you're still not sure what you'll be in for, senior story producer Anita Badejo understands the confusion. "It can be even hard for us to explain sometimes because there's not really anything like it," she says. "One of [...]

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‘The Golden State Record’ gets to the Greek

Perhaps you've heard of The Golden Record — which, if you spend as much time as I do on "weird America" sites like Atlas Obscura and Mental Floss, you definitely have. In 1977, the Voyager mission launched, carrying with it The Golden Record — phonographs containing sounds and images that illustrate life on earth in the 1970s. Partially inspired by these interstellar LPs, Noise Pop is joining with Pop-Up Magazine to present The Golden State Record, a one-night-only performance that seeks to encapsulate modern life on the West Coast. Through stories, songs, and sounds, artists from all fields will collaborate [...]

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