Q&A: A Valentine’s Day special with Pookie and the Poodlez

There are many ways to spend your Valentine's Day this year, be it at one of the many different events going on, on a date with your current/frequent love, or crying over how alone you are and chugging a bottle on cheap wine on your bedroom floor. I don't suggest that last one. I suggest going to Hemlock Tavern, dancing like a fool to good music, and chugging beers with new/old  friends. This also might be your last chance to see Pookie and the Poodlez in SF before he goes on tour with Cumstain and stops for an uncertain amount of time in [...]

Tacocat is bringing their feminist sci-fi punk to SF

One of my Halloween costumes this year was Tacocat, so based on that, I think it's obvious that I am kind of obsessed. Laying on the floor, in too much pain due to riding the "Crimson Wave", but still worming about to Tacocat's killer tunes is something I've been doing for a handful of years. When I first heard of them I was instantly sold. 1) Their band name is a combination of two things I love (tacos and cats are the best) and 2) Their music is more than just well put together and fun, but the lyrics are constantly [...]

Apache and the return of Ghost Town Gallery

If you were to search "Ghost Town Gallery" here on this very site, you would see that they have been an on-again, off-again, legendary venue for years. Bands that have graced its stage include The Babies, Uzi Rash, and Nobunny, (rumor is there was even a bouncy house). They were quiet for a while, but now Ghost Town Gallery is back and they're coming back with a big bang. This Saturday, a Jurassic Party is set to explode. Local bands Apache, who recently played (Burger Boogaloo), Pookie & the Poodlez, Cumstain, and Jesus Dude Mom are planned to make a roar [...]

Total Trash 2014 revealed

Hunx & his Punx (with Shannon of the Clams) at Burger Boogaloo 2012 Sure you gotsta see Bonnie "Prince" Billy in Golden Gate Park this weekend but then what?! It's still 168 shopping days until SXSW. Good news – Total Trash is on the way. From The Creator of the Burger Boogaloo comes the red (and green) headed stepchild. Total Trash IS the primordial sludge from which emerges thee best in rock 'n' roll. If you can handle it... But don't take my word for it. Here it is right from the mouth of The Creator: This rock and roll [...]

Best of 2013: Marc Ribak on Pookie and the Poodlez

It must have been about a year ago that I was eating a bowl of pasta at a friend's place in Oakland, and my friend says that his roommate made me a present. That sounds kinda weird man. But what was even weirder, was that this kid who I didn't know, glued a handwritten note and a cassette tape addressed to me to the door of his room. The room belonged to Trevor Straub of Pookie and the Poodlez. Trevor wasn't home that evening, and it would still be a couple months before I'd meet this guy or see his [...]

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