Giveaway: King Woman to shake your soul at GAMH with the help of Mane and Plush

San Francisco's very own King Woman will always be an act not worth missing, especially now that the lead and brain of it all, Kristina Esfandiari, is touring all over, (her project Miserable just got back from a tour in Mexico) and is mostly residing in New York. If you've been lucky enough to catch King Woman before, you know that it's an ethereal experience, but if you haven't, this Saturday is a perfect chance to understand how otherworldly seeing them perform really is. It's especially perfect because two other amazing local bands are sharing the stage with them at [...]

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What’s Happening This Week? A Guide To Shows Around The Bay, Jan 9 – Jan 12

Women's Audio Mission is throwing a free Local Sirens event this Thursday night at Rickshaw Stop. Monday, January 9 Manatee, Midnight Snaxxx @ 1-2-3-4 Go! Records All local punk. Proceeds from this show will be donated to the Ghost Ship Fire Relief. Periwinkle, Kamikaze Palm Tree @ The Honey Hive Gallery Periwinkle is as whimsical as their name suggests. Head to the Avenues for local upbeat doo-wop. Tuesday, January 10 Tower of Power @ Yoshi's Around since the late '60's, TOP is an Oakland R&B band, who at one time had Lenny Williams as a lead singer. Chris Botti @ [...]

Mixtape: New Alternative — The Bay Area’s emerging noisy rock sound Download: New Alternative: The Bay Area's emerging noisy rock sound (Podcast #390) The post first ran on The dream of the '90s may be, as the TV show says, alive in Portland, but the sounds of the '90s are finding new vitality in the San Francisco Bay Area indie music scene. In recent years, a significant number of new bands have emerged citing alt-rock leaders like Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine, and the grunge scene as inspiration for their noisy indie rock. The stellar local label Father/Daughter Records has released a number of albums by local alternative-inspired [...]

Plush share video for “Sheer Power” and set off for East Coast tour

Sometimes the only way for you feel larger than you really are is to put all your love into something else. Put it in a song, a poem, a friend, a lover, or a group of people. I put my love into the Bay Area's music scene. I put all my worth onto them. Sometimes this fails me, because sometimes I find out a band I love is actually filled of scum or that they're moving away. Plush is not filled of scum or moving away. They have been the kind of band that has made this love for the [...]

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Review: Welcome to the church of King Woman and Wax Idols

King Woman, Wax Idols, Plush on June 19, 2016 at Starline Social Club. There was not one bit of me that was not excited for this show. I spoke about it as if it was a religious experience, and in the end it felt that way. It was that way. Walking through the empty streets of Oakland because everyone was inside watching the game (sorry for your loss, Oakland) to Starline Social Club was surreal on its own. Peaceful, in the sense that I knew I was safe and that everyone was safe as well. Walking into the space, with [...]

Wax Idols and King Woman return home with Plush on June 19

After a hectic beginning of a tour that quickly ended the Wax Idols and King Woman tour dates with Pentagram, these unstoppable women have only proved their strength. All their fans and friends already knew that they are not the types to allow harassment, but now the whole world knows and hopefully follows in their path. So come to Starline Social Club on June 19 to show support to the super women that reminded all of us that it's okay to leave an unsafe environment. You're not weak for leaving, and instead stronger than many will ever understand. [...]

Sales comes to Rickshaw Stop May 11

Sales, coming all the way from Orlando, Florida, is the type of band that doesn't need help from anyone to be known. They are fully independent - no manager/label/publicist, and they even recorded their brand new debut album in the comfort of a bedroom studio. This makes their appeal more apparent. For months, I had been getting texts, asking if I had listened to them, at first I hadn't, but when I did I was beyond excited. They are everything about bedroom pop that I love, with catchy melodies and heartbreaking lyrics. Their show at Rickshaw Stop on May 11th is [...]

Interview: Doodling with Plush

Eva (there in spirit), Dylan, Sinclair, Karli Lately I've been having the problem where whenever I actually want to go to a show, there's too many bands I want to see everyone playing on that one night. Sometimes it gets to the point where I just don't go anywhere, because it's easier, but sometimes I have to make some hard choices. A couple weeks ago this was the problem with two bands signed to Father/Daughter Records, although the fact that PWR BTTM's show with Ra Ra Riot was technically sold out made it less of a problem. So I [...]

The Bay Abridged: Mar 31- Apr 12

Cougar on a Meth Binge at our 25th Street Recording event, Apr 2, 2016. (photo: Jon Bauer) In this recurring feature known as The Bay Abridged, our staff writers will provide short, witty recaps on shows they attended around the Bay Area. A scene check, a heat check, and sometimes more — stop by every other Wednesday for the most comprehensive and concise recap of last week's Bay Area concert scene. The Floozies, SunSquabi, Sugar Beats @ The Catalyst (SCZ) Mar. 30. The brothers Matt and Mark Hill of Lawrence, KS have been dubbed “the undisputed kings of electro-funk” by [...]

Is the San Francisco music scene dead? We search for clues.

Hot Flash Heat Wave at the Rickshaw Stop, January 31, 2016 I recently heard the music scene in San Francisco was dead, and being a writer for a website dedicated to covering the music scene in San Francisco, I was obviously a little concerned. To get to the bottom of this, I went out to find some comments from some members on the scene. But man, it was kind of difficult. I thought I'd start with Chuck Prophet, who at this point should be considered one of the deans of the SF scene (if it still exists). Unfortunately, [...]

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