Pink Pigs bring out the slime in new video

"Imagine if the Beatles had a daughter. And she had a baby with Nirvana. Then that baby drank a six pack of beer. Pink Pigs is that drunk baby," reads the band's Instagram bio. The San Francisco group just put out a music video for their headbanger tune "Slimetime," and the bio is a pretty accurate representation of how drunk of a baby the band really is. Pink Pigs is the brain child of SF drummer Andrew Skewes-Cox. He's an accomplished and stoned musician who has played with the band Rin Tin Tiger. He initially started Pink Pigs as an [...]

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Pink Pigs have all your party essentials in “Hell On Earth” video

It's time to party with Pink Pigs. Pink Pigs is the project of veteran SF drummer Andrew Skewes-Cox, who has held down drums for acts like Rin Tin Tiger and King Willow. "Hell on Earth" is made up of a thrashy-thrashy kind of rock and roll. The world has gotten a bit more serious as of late, so it's refreshing to watch some friends kick back to a soundtrack of good, solid shredding. Pink Pigs is playing at El Rio tomorrow with Rebel Rebel and Space Banquet. If this video is any indication, it'll be the best time you've had [...]

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