Don’t forget: Phono del Sol is today!

What are you doing today? This week's heat has mercifully parted ways with the Bay (for now), so get out to Phono del Sol and enjoy these pleasant temperatures with some local bands, tasty bites, and cool drinks — you can make that last part even easier by upgrading to a donation package, which will net you express lanes at the bar, swag bags, and more. The party starts at noon. We'll be there in our best tropical-inspired gear. Phono del Sol: Porches, Chastity Belt, Sol Development and more Potrero del Sol Park June 15, 2019 12pm, FREE

Phono del Sol: Chastity Belt are equal parts earnestness and irony

Hailing from Walla Walla Washington, Chastity Belt will be gracing the Phono Del Sol stage on June 15. Featuring Julia Shapiro on guitar and vocals, Lydia Lund on guitar, Annie Truscott on bass, and Gretchen Grimm on drums, the band tackles women’s issues with equal parts earnesness and irony. Some of Chastity Belt’s tracks are explicit feminist anthems like “Cool Slut” off Time to Go Home (2015), but others find their power in the everyday realities and emotions that come along with existing as a woman under the heteropatriarchy. “Caught in a Lie,” a track off their most recent album [...]

Phono del Sol: Keep the party going with Junior SF

You already know this year's Phono del Sol is free, and chock-full of great bands from the Bay Area and beyond. What could make this deal even sweeter? Pre- and post-fest parties, of course! Conisder it your Phono del Sol tailgate: DoTheBay is hosting both a special brunch and after-party at Junior (just up the street from the park) in honor of Phono's return. The event itself is, like the festival, free, but VIP wristband holders get breakfast tacos before, and free drinks after. The general public can purchase tacos and take advantage of drink specials from Deep Eddy, Waterloo [...]

Phono del Sol: ‘Weird’ is precisely what Salami Rose Joe Louis is aiming for

You can call Salami Rose Joe Louis a master chef. She uses rather simple ingredients — piano, guitar, bass, drums, keys — but the concoctions are complex and plentiful. Over two albums, son of a sauce! and Zlaty Sauce Nephew, the Bay Area-based producer/composer has brewed over 50 tracks of experimental, soulful, intricate sauce, and we’re all for every sampling she has to offer. “I’m pretty haphazard, as you can probably tell,” she laughs over the phone. “I have like all these one-minute songs. I like to write a lot, I have no voice in my head that’s like, ‘That’s [...]

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