Review + Photos: Peter Hook and the Light at the Fillmore

Peter Hook and The Light (photo: Patric Carver) When I am at the Fillmore, I always like to spend a little time during the show in The Introvert Self-Exclusion Zone — I mean, the poster room. There's a lot of history on the walls, posters representing a fraction of the acts that have graced the Fillmore's famous stage. It's fun to soak up a little nostalgia while the performance in the main room is still washing over me. However, on the November 8 Peter Hook and the Light show, I didn't feel the pull to be surrounded by my old [...]

Review + Photos: Peter Hook and the Light at the Warfield

Peter Hook and the Light (photo: Patric Carver) Peter Hook and the Light illuminated the Warfield Saturday night with back-to-back performances of New Order and Joy Division’s twin compilations, Substance. Usually, the Light includes Hook’s son, bassist Jack Bates. However, Bates is busy preparing for an upcoming tour with the Smashing Pumpkins. Fred Sablan, formerly of Marilyn Manson, was an excellent replacement. It’s challenging to believe that there’s not some Hook-wrought DNA manufacturing Sablan’s sound. He crushed it all night with a seemingly effortless pouring of spectacular grot from the low end. It was drama in sound form. Not all [...]

Peter Hook and the Light bring ‘Substance’ to the Warfield Saturday

On Saturday, May 12, Peter Hook and the Light will be returning to the Bay Area to play the Warfield. The show will take place just six days shy of the 38th anniversary of the death Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis. Hook and company will be playing New Order's Substance as well as Joy Division's posthumous album of the same name. Both albums are compilations of the two bands' singles over the years, and should provide for an interesting show. The best-known track on Division's Substance is arguably "Love Will Tear Us Apart," but newcomers to the Factory Records dark darlings [...]

Photos: Peter Hook and the Light perform ‘Substance’ at the UC Theatre

Peter Hook and the Light (photo: Jon Bauer) Bassist for legendary bands Joy Division and New Order, the legendary Peter Hook performs under the band name Peter Hook and the Light and plays New Order's classic album Substance in its entirety, in the first half of their show, and then plays Joy Division's best in the second half. Last week, the band's current tour stopped by the UC Theatre in Berkeley to a very avid crowd. Also on the bill that night was LA's El Ten Eleven. Check out the gallery below of both bands performing and Hook giving this amazing album his all. [...]

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