Let It Bleed: Sea Witch to bring rock and roll tampon drive to the Bay

I was lucky to be able to chat with Lauren Espina of the collective Our House last year, and she mentioned that apart from working with Our House, she and some friends were working on a new production collective called Sea Witch which would focus on "darker, weirder kind of stuff." Then, Sea Witch didn't have any shows under their belt, but now with a few down, they have something important and fun in store: Let It Bleed. Probably the first "Rock and Roll Tampon Drive," the show takes on many roles as it kicks off Women's History Month. For one, they're presenting [...]

Halcyonaire and Union Pacific head to Thee Parkside

Oakland's Halcyonaire is headlining Thee Parkside tomorrow, June 14, marking their first Bay Area show since they kicked off their  Southwest tour in April. While on the road, the band made pitstops in the desert landscapes between San Diego and Phoenix to collected field recordings that they've since taken into their Fruitvale studio. Chris Damien, Geoff Saba and company have been busy turning those sound bites into new songs, and while they've yet to release any material since the three-song vignette Urban Arson --which we premiered on the Bay Bridged a couple of months back -- you can watch the five-piece outfit unfold their [...]

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