December Playlist: Best of the Bay 2019

December is here and that can mean only one thing: lists. Gift shopping lists. Baking lists. Best-of-the-Year lists. You name it, it probably exists in bulleted form for the season. Chalk it up to our collective desire to make order out of a messy world. We know there are a ton of choices when it comes to your yearly music digests from top national music critics. This list is emphatically not that. Instead, we at The Bay Bridged figured we'd assemble our local favorites. The ones that made us bounce across the dance floor, cry, and feel alive. This collection of 25 [...]

Peach Tree Rascals’ “Plus” is a taste of sweet San Jose soul

San Jose's Peach Tree Rascals have become the Bay Area's latest emerging DIY darlings and their newest song and video, "Plus" is another sliver of the group's golden-hour soul. Made up of producer/mixer Dominic and rapper-singers Issac, Tarrek and Joseph, there's actually not a whole of info floating on the interwebs about these guys. Based on their music videos (including previous tracks, "Violent" and "Someday") here's what we do know: They like warm colors, they like driving, favor cityscape backdrops (occasionally nature will do too) and have a whole slew of music waiting to be released. Check out "Plus" below.

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