Throw some ‘bos with Pat Thomas, Seablite, and more at the Knockout this month

At the end of the month, the curatorial team of Throwin' Bo's has set up another showcase of local and local-ish music. On September 26, stop by the Knockout for Pat Thomas (of Cool Ghouls), Seablite, the Umbrellas, and LA's the Molochs. It's $10, and things get started pretty early, with doors at 8:30pm and music at 9:30 — enough time to scurry over from work or happy hour (the 26th is a Thursday) and set yourself up for a great weekend with some great emerging local bands. Throwin' Bo's: Seablite, Pat Thomas, the Umbrellas, the Molochs The Knockout September [...]

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Premiere: Anna Hillburg, “I Can’t Get Free” (see her at the Make Out Room this Sunday)

Does it get any better than this? The Make Out Room is throwing one hell of a party this Sunday and you should be there. Three local legends on the best stage in SF (and you will still get to bed on time). 1. Anna Hillburg! Be the first on your block to grab the long-awaited, brand-new record Really Real, and check out her new video "I Can't Get Free" below. REALLY REAL by Anna Hillburg 2. Swiftumz! Everybody loves Chris, but Swiftumz don't play often enough, making Chris McVicker a true cult icon. Everybody Loves Chris by Swiftumz 3. [...]

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Pat Thomas ain’t buyin’ it — tonight at Amnesia

Photo: Michael Bordelon San Francisco's Pat Thomas is best known around town for his work in Cool Ghouls, the joyful throwback rock and roll quartet who has been cranking out great albums for a few years now. Thomas already has a solo EP under his belt, and he recently announced his debut full-length, I Ain't Buyin' It, available for preorder via Empty Cellar. You can stream the debut track from the album, "The Money Guys," and despite the laid-back soul and jazz-influenced horns, you can tell Pat ain't cool with the way things are today. Give it a listen below [...]

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Mixtape: New SF Bands with Great Musical Resumes Download: Mixtape: New SF Bands with Great Musical Resumes (Podcast #344) In a scene as active as the San Francisco Bay Area, it's not uncommon to learn that the members of your favorite band are also involved in other musical projects. It's also not surprising to see bands break up, burn out or go through significant lineup changes, enabling former players to explore new terrain on their own. All of this means that a number of newer bands with unfamiliar names might have some familiar faces -- or, perhaps more appropriately, voices -- involved. It also means that if [...]

Male Gaze dropping new 7″, play Hemlock tonight

Before the release of their debut LP on Castle Face Records later this year, power garage trio Male Gaze is dropping a new 7-inch via another local label, Mt. St. Mtn. Limited until now to only a few demos and high-energy shows, Male Gaze is actually comprised of three dudes who have a great deal of band cred. You might recognize Matt Jones from Blasted Canyons, Mark Kaiser from Mayyors, and Adam Cimino from The Mall. Don’t let the band’s name fool you into a fury of misandry - there’s not a discriminatory vibe in this record. The “Cliffs of [...]

Pat Thomas of Cool Ghouls releases solo EP

Last week, Pat Thomas, bassist, singer, and songwriter for Cool Ghouls premiered "Not Right Now", the first single from his debut solo EP Coasters Riding in the Air. Pat tells me Cool Ghouls will continue to be his main focus, but he simply had a lot of songs written immediately after the Ghouls' debut LP was released and didn't want to disrupt their energy and practice time with his new songs. "So the quickest way for me to make these songs real was to lay em down on my 8 track on my own time. I was unemployed, so I [...]

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