Mixtape: San Francisco post-punk, electronic and industrial sounds

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/PostPunk_2016_Mix.mp3 Download: Mixtape: Gloomy and Intense: Local Post-Punk, Electronic, and Industrial Sounds (Podcast #381) It's not all sunshine in the Bay Area, and our music scene isn't all upbeat indie pop and garage rock. On the darker end of the spectrum, there are bands more influenced by Siouxsie and Bauhaus than by surfing and beaches. For local musicians in the related constellations of post-punk, dark wave, and industrial music, a sharp sense of mood and atmosphere adds an emotionally powerful layer to compelling songwriting. There's a feeling to each of these songs that is raw, often visceral. That's not to [...]

Part/Human premieres “Touched” off debut EP out this Saturday

If you're a fan of Silver Shadows, Tiaras, Ganglians, Fine Steps, Mayyors, and 90's acid house rhythms then Part/Human was sculpted for you. Multi-instrumentalist and Silver Shadows guitarist Margaret Rhodes began Part/Human as an electronic noise side project, enlisting Kyle Hoover (Tiaras, Ganglians) on guitar, and Julian Elorduy (Fine Steps, Mayyors) on bass. They blend all their musical talents and all their projects into something only they could create together with Rhode's vision. "Touched" is a perfect example of how this project is much more intimate. Their self-titled debut EP, recorded all in their personal homes, produced by Elorduy, and mastered by Antonio Gualco [...]

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Deathstock Fest coming to Guerneville in June

There was Woodstock ’69, Woodstock ’94 and ’99 (yikes), and now, on a completely new note, there’s Deathstock. SF label Death Records is celebrating their one year anniversary how? With a full blown two-day music festival campout in the woods - duh! The lineup is already partially announced, including many Death Records roster artists like Smiles, Air Surgeon, Tiaras, Teenage Chain, The Strange Land, and Cole Lodge, making it a truly local affair. Friends of the label like Tomorrows Tulips, Danny James, CCR Headcleaner, Part/Human, and label head Brian Wakefield’s own band Emotional are the other additions to the bill [...]

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