Atlas Cafe celebrates 20 years with Young Moon, Paint the Trees White, dogs

Here's a list of things that are 20 years old: The Spice Girls' "Wannabe." The Atlanta Olympics. Nintendo 64. Victor Valle, when he started with us. Also? Atlas Cafe, one of the only purveyors of affordably priced, very tasty cafe fare on the west side of Potrero. They also host a multitude of local concerts — have since they opened — and, fittingly, they'll be celebrating their 20th birthday with a show hosting some of the best talent in the Bay Area. On deck is Young Moon, a Western Vinyl signee who makes layered and quite simply beautiful ballads, and [...]

Mixtape: San Francisco Songs for Summer Download: Mixtape: San Francisco Summer Songs (Podcast #365) Even though San Francisco's summers get an unfairly bad rap, that doesn't prevent us locals from enjoying many of the best parts of the season. Days at the beach, barbecues, road trips, street fairs and festivals: sure, you might need to carry a light sweater on some of your summer excursions, but the long days can't be beat for outdoor fun. With the solstice kicking off summer earlier this week, we've compiled this mixtape of songs for the season, collecting new and recent releases by San Francisco Bay Area bands that [...]

Modern Man, Joseph Childress playing the Knockout

Oscar and Felix. Walt and Jesse. Dipping your French fries in a Frosty. We love odd couples. In the spirit of strange pairings, we have a musical odd couple for you: Two of our favorites, Modern Man and Joseph Childress, are teaming up for a night at The Knockout. Modern Man, who moved here from South Carolina last year, are an immersive shade of psych that will take you to corners of your brain you've never been before. Childress, on the other hand, is a steel-stringed nod to dusty roads and a time when peoples' hands were a little more [...]

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