Mixtape: Fourteen San Francisco Bands to Watch in 2015

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/Bands_To_Watch_2015.mp3 Download: Mixtape: Fourteen San Francisco Bands to Watch in 2015 (Podcast #357) What does 2015 have in store for San Francisco Bay Area music? Using our very scientific prognostication tools, this mixtape seeks to answer that question, highlighting emerging bands in a number of genres that are poised to have breakout years. Some have upcoming albums or tours, while others are continuing to gain acclaim from their 2014 releases. Whatever the case, these are fourteen local bands to watch this year. Many of them are new to our podcast, and all of them are worth checking out in the [...]

Pablo – “Stoners”

Photo: Matthew Miller Just over a year ago, we introduced you to Pablo, who at the time was in Sacramento and had released an absolutely marvelous solo folk album, Loma Prieta. Luckily, he's been drawn to Mills College and Oakland, which hopefully means we'll see (and hear) more from him. Just before the move, he released "Stoners", a track that combines his ear for melody and eerie pop vocals with a full band sound. Pablo tells me once he settles in Oakland, he plans to form a full band and hopefully begin performing live again soon. Listen to "Stoners" below.

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Best of Submissions from just beyond the Bay: Satan Wriders, Pablo, Feed Me Jack, Finite

We have been getting so many great submissions lately, and we thank all of those hardworking musicians for sending their work our way. Most of our submissions come from local bands, but we get quite a few from artists who live just outside the Bay - and we listen to all of those, too! Today we'll feature a few of our favorite almost-local artists. It took about five seconds for Stockton's Satan Wriders to reel me in with the wonderful surf-rock riff that kicks off their Black Eyed Kids LP. What is it with landlocked Stockton and surfing? Whatever it [...]

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