The Bay Bridged Band-To-Band Relay: MAGO to Esses

Words by Annie Bacon It’s time for round three of the Band-to-Band Relay! If you’ve missed it the last few months, the Band-to-Band Relay is part of The Bay Bridged’s ongoing desire to curate and deepen your awareness of your local music scene. Each month we’ll start off with a single local artist, write about why we like them, and then ask them to pick and talk about another local artist they dig. We'll carry the line as far as it’ll go, and start again the next month. We know you’re oversaturated, and we know how important curators are to [...]

Mixtape: San Francisco post-punk, electronic and industrial sounds Download: Mixtape: Gloomy and Intense: Local Post-Punk, Electronic, and Industrial Sounds (Podcast #381) It's not all sunshine in the Bay Area, and our music scene isn't all upbeat indie pop and garage rock. On the darker end of the spectrum, there are bands more influenced by Siouxsie and Bauhaus than by surfing and beaches. For local musicians in the related constellations of post-punk, dark wave, and industrial music, a sharp sense of mood and atmosphere adds an emotionally powerful layer to compelling songwriting. There's a feeling to each of these songs that is raw, often visceral. That's not to [...]

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