Best of 2013: Russell Jelinek's highlights

John Murry (Photo by Amoreena Berg) I don't feel like ranking things, but here are some Bay Area highlights for 2013, limited to artists I wrote about: Favorite Albums: John Murry - Graceless Age: I tried to listen to Graceless Age in the background while doing some work on the computer. It didn't work. Murry punched me in the gut and took me away from whatever I was doing and totally consumed me. The standout "Little Colored Balloons", about Murry's heroin overdose in the Mission, may one of the most heartbreaking songs ever recorded, but there is so much more [...]

Video: Opski Chan – "Wizardry"

San Jose's Opski Chan is back with a new video for "Wizardry", the first track from his forthcoming LP There's No Such Thing as Opski Chan, which will be released by Open University. Sol Plus 10 crafted a very nice flute and string-heavy beat, and Zero Luck took Opski out into the country to direct the visuals. You should all be keeping an eye on Opski, and this is just another reason why.

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Video: Opski Chan – "Stay Gold"

San Jose's Opski Chan has been putting in work for a long time, even if it took him a while to recognize his talent. "I've been rappin since '91, active with recording since '98 & convinced I was good at it since '06," he tells me via email. "Now I'm just rollin with the punches. Can I say that?" Unfortunately, I didn't come across his work until last month when I saw his video for "Stay Gold", off of his 2011 release Pushers & Prophets. Opski tells me he was introduced to hip-hop via "Wipeout", a collaboration between The Fat [...]

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