One Found Sound present Beethoven…but, like, for regular people

Here are some facts about Beethoven.* He grew up thinking he was younger than he actually was. Sources speculate that his showbiz dad told him he was born two years later than he really was to make his talents, which manifested in childhood, seem even more impressive. Beethoven Sr. had been a singer earlier in life, but never succeeded, and thus lived vicariously through his uber-talented son. Consider it the 18th-century version of Dance Moms. He might have been the first full-time, salaried musician. Beethoven moved to Vienna in his early 20s, which was essentially like any kid with an [...]

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One Found Sound celebrates five years at birthday gala

To celebrate five years together as an orchestra, One Found Sound will be holding their Quinquennial Birthday Bash gala at Heron Arts in San Francisco on April 27. One Found Sound is a conductorless orchestra that's revolutionizing the way modern audiences experience orchestral music. Their performances engage directly with the community, playing music in unconventional venues where the line between performer and audience is far less defined than in traditional concert halls. You can check out their concert experience below. With the birthday bash, the group is inviting Bay Area music fans to support their unique musical experience while enjoying [...]

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