Odawas release Black Harmony

Photos: Kayla Krut, edited by Isaac Edwards Last year, Oakland duo Odawas ended their lengthy hiatus released one of my favorite albums of the year, Reflections of a Pink Laser on Bookmaker Records. As Odawas hinted in our interview with them last summer, they're already back with a second album on the Paris-based label with the release of Black Harmony. Black Harmony is more "conventional" than Reflections, (there's no 20 minute instrumental track, for example), but there's plenty of expansive studio wizardry and weirdness if you're into that sort of thing. (Which you should be). It's clear Michael James Tapscott's [...]

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Odawas, Yea-Ming & the Rumours, and Bob Frank coming to The Starry Plough

Yea-Ming & the Rumours When is the last time you saw a show at the Plough? Open since 1973, it feels particularly appropriate to host Bob Frank. Jim Dickinson called Frank "The best songwriter you have never heard" - reason enough to attend this show. If you need any more convincing check out the superb interview he did with our very own Russell Jelinek last April. In 1972, Frank recorded a cult classic for Vanguard. Almost no one got to hear it until last year when it was reissued by the good folks at Light In The Attic. The songs [...]

Best of 2014: What the other lists missed from Russell Jelinek

It's officially 2015, and all the 2014 lists are in. I honestly enjoy them, but how many times do you need to read about Run the Jewels and War on Drugs? We get it, they're good. Locally, everyone loved Cocktails, Sun Kil Moon, and tUnE-YaRdS, but what did just about every list miss? THE ANSWER IS BELOW: Odawas - Reflection of a Pink Laser: A triumphant comeback for the Indiana natives. The expansive instrumentals on the 19-minute "What If Our World is Their Heaven" leading into "Flow My Tears" makes for the best moment on any album I've heard for [...]

Mixtape: Hidden Gems from San Francisco Music in 2014

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/Hidden_Gems_2014_Mix.mp3 Download: Mixtape: Catching Up With Some Former Locals (Podcast #350) 2014 was another great year for releases from Bay Area bands, but some of the year's most impressive releases may not have initially received the attention they deserved. Those sorts of oversights are understandable given the volume of new albums coming out year-round. Still, as we approach the time of year when people naturally begin assembling their "Best of 2014" lists, it seemed like the right point to look back at ten of the year's most interesting local releases that may not have gotten their due when they arrived. [...]

Review: Jesus returns! Richard Buckner delights at the Hemlock Tavern

Jesus, our savior, returned to earth last night, to a delighted audience. The holy one, Richard Buckner played songs from Bloomed, blessed it be, in celebration of its 20th anniversary. The martyr spoke of difficult travels (to Tracy) and sang, in his angelic voice, words of love and the moment when love leaves one's eyes. Just prior to his departure, he put down his instrument and sang "fater" - a song of praise, a song of peace to all who travel. Amen!

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Raphi Gottesman offers ‘Virtual Access’

You may not know the name Raphi Gottesman, but chances are you have seen him in action.  He has played drums with Sonny & the Sunsets, The Fresh & Onlys, The Black Swans, Fishermen Three, A Carnival of Hours, Jack Lewis' Awkward Energy and he currently drums with Odawas.  Odawas has a new record, Reflections of a Pink Laser, coming out on June 2nd. See Russell's great interview with them for more info. Raphi is also a very talented guitar player.  His solo debut Ballad of the Sad Cafe came out in 2011 and his latest work, Virtual Access (embedded below) is hot off the [...]

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Interview: Odawas are back with ‘Reflections of a Pink Laser’

Photos: Kayla Krut, edited by Isaac Edwards Odawas, the combination of Michael James Tapscott and Isaac Edwards, took a brief hiatus starting in 2011, but they are now back and in fine form with the release of their new LP, Reflections of a Pink Laser, available now from French label Bookmaker Records. Like previous Odawas releases, it's a studio-intensive combination Edwards' expansive synth arrangements that somehow take nothing away from Tapscott's intimate songwriting style and vocals. They make a nice team. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ka3QENhhufw Odawas have been making music in some form for about 10 years now, and were featured on a [...]

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Michael James Tapscott releases new LP on Bookmaker Records

Michael James Tapscott, cofounder of psychedelic-ambient rock group Odawas, has released his brand new LP, Good Morning, Africa, on Bookmaker Records. Available as a limited edition (300 copies) 12", the LP also features Andrew Kenower, who contributed field recordings to the record. Good Morning, Africa alternates easily between dark ambient field tracks and psych-folk singer-songwriter music. What is produced is a solid psychedelic ambient journey. Take a listen to "The Last Canadian King" below:

Michael Tapscott of Odawas releases new cassette

Michael James Tapscott - "Sample 1" Michael James Tapscott - "Sample 2" Odawas' Michael Tapscott has collaborated with friend who he calls a "revolutionary poet," Andrew Kenower, to release the cassette Challenger with the tape label Digitalis Industries. Samples of the tape label's other winter releases are posted on the Dial Square Tapes blog. Tapscott built Challenger using field recordings done by Kenower in Holland; though blending calm and introverted warm tones, the songs are themed off of "thoughts and visions from The Challenger disaster in 1986 and the human error that caused it." If you're interested in these concepts, [...]

Odawas – “Mind of Christ”

Mind of Christ [edit] by Odawas by mettamind Cassettes go out of print quick, but the music shouldn't disappear into thin air that same way. And so, Odawas have posted the tracks from their Mind of Christ tape, which saw a very limited run on Tired Trails, as a free download on their website. About the recording: The first track for this cassette was our soundtrack to Neil Blakemore’s Cannes selected short film, "Kill Yr TV." The other two tracks were experimental pieces penned by Isaac and finessed by me in a kind of reversal of the usual Odawas process. [...]

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