Photos: NVO dance the weekend away at the Brick & Mortar Music Hall

NVO (photo: Robert Alleyne) Last Saturday night saw a busy dance floor bumping all night thanks to NVO at the Brick & Mortar Music Hall. It also was the release of a new EP from opener Eko Zu, as well as acknowledgement of the historic events surrounding their intimate dance party. Visuals supporting the ACLU were interwoven into the band's projections along with a sign-up sheet at the merch table. Our photographer Robert Alleyne has these wonderful photos from the night.

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The Uneasy Truth: Financials of local bands

The Berkeley Haas School of Business is probably an unlikely place to find an aspiring musician, but that’s exactly where Zach Briefer found himself, staring down 9-to-5 mundanity and the white-collar purgatory of banking or accounting. “I knew two things,” he tells me, musing about his undergraduate days. “I didn’t want to work in an office, and I wanted to do something with music.” Briefer didn’t go into banking or accounting. He went into rock n’ roll, and it’s probably no surprise that he and his bandmates in Pistachio treat the band like a full-time job — a business with [...]

Get to Know: NVO

When San Francisco-based trio NVO described their genre to me as "live electronic music," I immediately scoffed. Electronic music is soulless and meaningless and, to recycle some words I've already used to describe my least favorite genre, emotionally dead inside. This stuff is for obnoxious tech bros and spoiled suburban kids. In the case of NVO, their music is not dead inside. I was dead wrong. Featuring traces of G-funk, shimmering production values and acoustic drumbeats to give the grooves an organic feel, their music does feel alive, fresh, and distinctly apart from the smorgasbord of electro projects cluttering the [...]

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