Best of 2019: William Wayland’s favorite photos

Angelo Moore (photo: William Wayland) In 2019 I saw the documentary Bad Reputation and decided I better check out Joan Jett. I even got in a fight with her tour manager before the show. He decided there wouldn’t be any photography at the concert and everybody with a camera got kicked out. Except me. I guess he decided that the guy who could give it back as good as he got deserved to stay. A memorable show, and Joan Jett rocked it, but the photos didn’t make my best of 2019. I got to see Burna Boy, whose new album has been nominated for a Grammy. But [...]

Video: House shows power the North Bay’s music scene

The Down House (photos: Estefany Gonzalez) To the untrained eye, the North Bay may come off as wineland or a foodie’s paradise. While yes, those are aspects of the North Bay, there’s so much more to the area. The underground music movement is, by far, one of the most unique and creative aspects. To locals, it's a community full of artist and musicians that offers a hometown vibe. At night, local artists and music lovers gather in unconventional spaces to showcase local talent and support up-and-coming musicians. On average, there are about one to two shows a week, with anywhere from three [...]

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