Noise Pop 2015: Giraffage offers carefree evening at The Independent

Photos by Joey Pangilinan When covering a show, I stick to a routine. I open a new Note on my iPhone and jot down set lists, ideas about the crowd, the general atmosphere, and performance energy. I stick to one beer and a bottle of water. I try not to socialize too much in case I miss a controversial comment a musician mutters under their breath into the microphone. But during Thursday night's Giraffage show at the Independent, I found myself not only weary of my routine, but insanely jealous of everyone around me, people that had come to the show to dance and drink [...]

Noise Pop 2015: The Black Ryder, masters of the hard/soft dichotomy

Photos by Jon Ching Last night at Rickshaw Stop, The Black Ryder proved themselves to be masters of the hard/soft dichotomy. In celebration of their new LP, The Door Behind the Door, the duo harnessed soft and hard, quiet and loud, gentle and erratic, warm then instantly cool elements to build imperfect walls of sound. Instead of the making impenetrable barriers of noise, The Black Ryder constructed their walls with doors and windows to let light in and to allow new ideas to wander in and out. Though the duo played more songs off of their first record, the most powerful moments of [...]

Friends w/o Benefits announce new singles project, rock a Noise Pop happy hour

In the promo video for their Real Singles Life project, Friends W/O Benefits outlines their plan to release eight new songs over the course of four months, a single each month with an 'A' side and a 'B' side. But that's not even the best part. The best part is when they say they'll be covering topics ranging from 'love and longing' to 'taxes and cookies' to 'FUCKING SHARKS.' Emphasis not mine, but that was a fun sentence to write and one I'm sure will, sadly, never happen again. The first two are out now on Bandcamp - "Sausalito Catfish" [...]

Noise Pop 2015: Best Coast plays intimate set with The She’s, Night School

Photos by Martin Lacey California natives Best Coast aren’t known for subtlety. The lyrics, the songwriting, and the guitar tone – they all revolve around a simplified, overly sunny version of the West Coast – presumably inspired by lead singer Bethany Cosentino’s own life experiences. So it made sense when the band came out last night as a five piece to thicken the sound — a few details might have been lost, but that’s a small price for Best Coast to pay. Playing an extra small, nearly sold out (I heard there were some tickets available at the door) show [...]

Interview: Geographer, philosophy, and Ghost Modern (plus a ticket giveaway!)

With a unique reconciliation between live instrumentation and electronic innovation, Mike Deni of Geographer has forged a name for himself in the Bay Area, becoming one of its most prized sources of music culture. If you didn't know it, Deni actually grew up in New Jersey. After moving to San Francisco in 2007 to find something greater, he subsequently met the synthesizer and companions that enabled him to translate his experiences into sound. Since then this artist has released albums such as Innocent Ghosts and Myth into the music scene, bringing an eclectic yet relatable account of his own life imprinted into the songs that [...]

RZN8R releases new single; plays Noise Pop 2015

RZN8R has a new single out that epitomizes his distinctive blend of spacey/sexy electro-soul. Called "Feel Free To Be Free," it contains a beat that could fit both a laid-back hip-hop jam or smooth R&B tune, a hypnotic vocal chant and celestial synths that propel it beyond the 21st century. Oh, and that's not to mention the psychedelic rock influences, hints of trap, and jazz cool that floats around the perimeter, a unique concoction that gets both your mind and body moving. It's the soundtrack of the cosmos, a meditation on mankind's place in the universe, kinda like Interstellar, only [...]

Noise Pop 2015: Screaming Females at the Hemlock

As I watched Screaming Females casually blow the minds of the 100 or so fans gathered in the very hot, very smelly, and very dark back room of the Hemlock Tavern, I had a pretty controversial thought. Is Screaming Females one of the last great rock bands? No, I thought. That's not right, although it occasionally felt as if I was seeing an even more seasoned group than I was, one that had perhaps performed throughout the 90s college rock circuit in its prime alongside bands they are constantly compared to -- like Dinosaur Jr. and The Breeders for instance. But maybe, I concluded, [...]

Noise Pop Ticket Giveaways: Tony Molina, The Black Ryder, and more

The age-old San Francisco tradition known as Noise Pop is quickly approaching. The festivities begin on February 20 and last until March 1 with Caribou's closing set at the Fillmore. To celebrate, we're giving away tickets to a whole grab bag of shows from the festival. See the list below. Sunday, February 22nd Christopher Willits Presents OPENING: film + live scoring Tuesday, February 24th The Black Ryder, Vinyl Williams, King Woman, Creepers, DJ Omar @ Rickshaw Stop Thursday, February 26th Tony Molina, Nude Beach, Cold Beat, The Younger Lovers @ Rickshaw Stop Saturday, February 28th Kindness, Pell @ Mezzanine To [...]

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Noise Pop announces initial film lineup for 2015 festival

Noise Pop 2015 is right around the corner (February 20th - March 1st), and the festival organizers have announced the initial film lineup to be featured during this year's event. In addition to the music lineup, this year's film series will feature the following independent film screenings. Get your tickets (or badges) now! Hardcore Devo Live Friday, February 20 at The Roxie Director: Keirda Bahruth. 2014. Digital. 94 minutes. *West Coast premiere; Q&A with director Keirda Bahruth and Devo's Jerry Casale Salad Days: The Birth of Punk in the Nation's Capital Saturday, February 21 at The Roxie Director: Scott Crawford. [...]

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