Noise Pop: Adia Victoria and the ‘White Gaze’

Adia Victoria (photo: Kaiya Gordon) “So the question that naturally emerges is simple,” Jenn M. Jackson writes in her 2015 essay, “We Done Told Y’all What’s Up”. “What are the rules?” she continues. “Is there a rule that Black bodies are always up for public (read ‘White’) consumption?” In music, the history of Black exploitation and white consumption is long. Black innovators have watched as country took cues from gospel music, as jazz halls filled with white performers, and as hip-hop was white-washed by appropriative pop. Even the advent of rock and roll––a genre fronted in the contemporary imagination by British [...]

Noise Pop: Ty Segall closes out the festival at The Fox

Ty Segall (photo: Jon Ching) Tuesday night saw the end of the 2017 Noise Pop festival, and it couldn't be more fitting for the final act to be none other than prolific garage rocker Ty Segall at the Fox Theater. They weren't the only Bay Area-related band that night, with support from Shannon and the Clams. Jon Ching was there to photograph the madcap night and you can check out his gallery of some of the action below.

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Noise Pop: After 10 years, I finally saw Los Campesinos! live at GAMH

Los Campesinos! (photo: Jon Ching) In 2007, I did a project for my 10th grade English class in which I wrote a mini auto-biography with each chapter titled after a song. The one about school and my hatred for math was titled after Los Campesinos!' "Don't Tell Me To Do The Math(s)." In 2016, a friend and I did a cover of Los Campesinos!' "My Year In Lists" for a college friend's senior show at CCA. In 2017, I finally got to see a band that has so much sentimental value to my life. This was the big Noise Pop [...]

Noise Pop: Saw Tacocat while dressed as Tacocat at Starline

Tacocat (By: Joey Pangilinan) In 2015, I had the best Halloween costume ever. Three days of taco fun: Friday, I was a fish taco. Saturday, I was a Taco Bell. Sunday, I was Tacocat. So I put it upon myself to make it a goal to see Tacocat dressed as Tacocat. On Satuday, Feburary 25 of 2017, the goal was achieved. Thank you, Noise Pop and Starline Social Club. I was incredibly tired. I had no clue what seven full days of shows would do to me, but now I know. This was my last show of Noise Pop. I [...]

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Noise Pop: I became BFFs with Ben Hopkins of PWR BTTM’s dad

PWR BTTM (by: Marc Fong) Early last year, I went to PWR BTTM's first San Francisco show ever. On Thursday, February 23 of 2017, I witnessed their first Oakland show, which sold out weeks before. A constant thread between most of the bands that played that night was that they were ones I had been following for a while, watching blossom into something unbelievable. In 2015, I saw The Total Bettys ' third live show ever, in a lightly crowded apartment of a college friend. In 2016, I went to SOAR's first live show as a whole at Thrillhouse Records. The [...]

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Rogue Wave dazzle with ’80s ‘Cover Me’ album at Rickshaw Stop

Rogue Wave (by: Debra Zeller) Hometown heroes Rogue Wave returned to the stage last night to celebrate their recently released Cover Me (an album of reinvented 1980s songs) and transport the sold out Rickshaw Stop back a few decades to the hairspray-laden, synth-heavy pop perfection of the '80s. The show was presented by Popscene and Noise Pop — the landmark San Francisco festival now in their 25th year. Before Rogue Wave enraptured the crowd with a great set of inspired nostalgia, DJ and Popscene co-founder Aaron Axelsen spun indie and well-known tunes from the era that brought us hair metal and [...]

Your Noise Pop mood chart for 2017

This year's Noise Pop is not only one of the biggest (which is only reasonable, because it is the 25th anniversary), but it's also one of the most conflicting lineups ever. So this is a guide for the people who really like to focus on their emotions, maybe have a badge, or are just unsure of which shows they can and should go to. There are so many different options you can take, whether it's going to a great and diverse lineup of local bands or a lineup curated around a few out-of-towners. From old favorites to very new artists [...]

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Playlist: Dive into the sounds of the 2017 Noise Pop Festival!

The 2017 Noise Pop Festival is here! With the film portion of the fest's 25th year already underway, it's high time to plan which of Noise Pop's many great concerts you'll be attending through February 27th. And time is of the essence! A bunch of Noise Pop shows are already sold-out, although you can still pick up a Super Fan Badge to get access to those, and more concerts will surely sell out over the coming days. But if the Noise Pop 2017 lineup looks daunting, don't worry! We've created this Spotify playlist featuring over 50 local and touring bands [...]

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Your final Noise Pop lineup announcement is here

In Noise Pop news, the long-standing local concert promotion series has released their final batch of artists for their 2017 festival. If you thought the last several announcements were good, wait until you hear these new additions. Julien Baker had a banner 2016, and amassed a lot of fans out here in the Bay — and she's coming to San Francisco next month. Also of note are a number of beloved locals like Emily Jane White, M. Lockwood Porter, and Never Young, and everyone's favorite throwback, Kelis. Also added are some DJ sets from Animal Collective and Push the Feeling-affiliated [...]

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