Noise Pop 2015: Check out all of our festival coverage!

Jessica Pratt at The Chapel (Photo Credit: Jon Ching)   Got any plans for the weekend? If you're like us, you're still recovering from the week that was Noise Pop 2015, and you're not quite ready to wrap your brain another show-filled weekend. Well, if you'd rather stay in this weekend, wear your pajamas around the clock (don't forget Daylight Savings Time starts Saturday night), drink some herbal tea, and go on a Netflix binge, we don't blame you. But, at the very least, you can relive some of the best moments from Noise Pop with this wrap-up of all [...]

Noise Pop 2015: Holly Herndon monitors The Lab

For all involved, Holly Herndon’s prodigious set at The Lab on Sunday night for Noise Pop was an exercise in the limitations of sound, vision, social agitation, supervision, and dissociation. Crowded into the center of an unobtrusive and stale space, while the outside world incessantly buzzed towards the center of the Mission, unprepared attendees found themselves suddenly guided into an intimately surveilled microcosm, simultaneously embellished and probed by the beautifully discordant sound experiments that make up the oeuvre of the Bay Area artist. Situated into a triangular space partitioned by three large screens, Holly and her equipment took their place [...]

Noise Pop 2015: Dan Deacon brings energy and crowd participation to The Chapel

Photos by Jon Ching Dan Deacon – Baltimore's hero of the experimental underground – delivered a classic, highly interactive performance on Saturday night at the Chapel. Using a full light rig to its maximum synchronized potential, Deacon gave the Noise Pop audience exactly what it wanted: dancing, lights, pulsing maniac bass lines, organized dance parties, crowd-surfing, and a heavy dose of his trademark cat-in-a-bag falsetto vocals. I would argue that there isn't a lot of differentiation between songs during Deacon's set — they all sound almost exactly the same. I also think Deacon knows this, and it's why he peppers his [...]

Noise Pop 2015: New Pornographers headline an evening of pop at the Fox Theatre

Photos by Paige Parsons During last night's near-perfectly curated Noise Pop show at the Fox Theatre in Oakland, surrounded by lots of eager New Pornographers fans, I couldn't stop thinking about Fleetwood Mac. This was because at one point, during a particularly desolate and emotional performance of "Words I Don't Remember" by Tom Krell of How To Dress Well, there was a brief moment where I thought to myself that the vocal stylings and androgynous tone of the singer reminded me of Lindsey Buckingham just as much as they did R. Kelly. With that circulating my brain for the rest of the evening, I [...]

Noise Pop 2015: Benders Happy Hour with Wild Eyes, War Cloud, The Traveling Ills

Wild Eyes Noise Pop Happy Hour 2: The Re-Drinkening. With an aching liver and a head still thumping from the previous night's show, I braced myself for another evening of heavy rock n' roll courtesy of Bender's. Looking at the packed bar I could see this crowd was a much different breed: Studded jackets, neck tattoos, Death and Electric Wizard patches, caveman facial hair, pierced noses, lips and eyes. Things were gonna get loud. Earplugs are for the weak. War Cloud kicked things off with colossal riffs that would make Jimmy Page smile and drum fills that would make Keith [...]

Noise Pop 2015: Toro y Moi sits down with Song Exploder, discusses new track “Half Dome”

By Daniel Senter Last Thursday, a few hundred people turned out for a free live podcast-recording session with Chaz Bundick of Toro y Moi and Hrishikesh Hirway of the podcast Song Exploder at the newly reopened Swedish American Hall. Hirway played Bundick's yet-to-be-released song, “Half Dome”, in its entirety. The two then discussed the more technical elements of the song: structure, use of octaves, fifths, chromatics, phasers, triple tracked vocals, a slick guitar solo by Unknown Mortal Orchestra guitarist Ruban Neilson, and a super-duper distorted bass Bundick bought at a South Carolina Goodwill for $25 that a Berkeley friend recently [...]

Noise Pop 2015: Owen Pallett played solo at Orchid Tapes Showcase

Photos by John Hartsfield Owen Pallett, a multi-instrumentalist looping maestro stole the stage at the Orchid Tapes Showcase on Saturday night. Wedged between R.L. Kelly and Foxes In Fiction (fronted by Warren Hildebrand who also runs Orchid Tapes), the most thunderous applause was reserved for Pallett on-stage alone. In the newly renovated Swedish American Hall, if you looked down at the crowd from one of the balcony's thrones (yes, they preserved the thrones), you'd notice no one mindlessly scrolling or texting. Instead, each building loop from Pallett's violin and pedals made the solo act feel like many, many people were on-stage supporting. [...]

Noise Pop 2015: Teenaged Cherry Glazerr rocks as hard as the big kids

Photos by Joey Pangilinan Review by Erin Browner Cherry Glazerr is what a teenage girl band should be — small but wild 18-year-old Clementine on lead vocals and guitar, her older boyfriend Sean Redman (resembling teen wolf) plays bass, and fellow senior high school Hannah Uribe on drums (they graduate in May). The band formed shortly after Clementine released a few bedroom pop recordings under the name Clembutt when she was 15. Burger Records approached her, she formed Cherry Glazerr, and now the band has a huge following of all ages singing along to songs about pizza monsters and crushes [...]

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