Video: Nectarine Pie – “Dreamdaze” (Filmed by Matthew Melton)

Nectarine Pie just released this new video for the band's debut single, out on July 15th on Southpaw Records (and available for pre-order now). The video, shot on Super 8 at the Piedmont Graveyard, was filmed by Matthew Melton (of Bare Wires). Nectarine Pie is performing this Thursday, June 23rd, at Sub-Mission (8pm, $5, Event Info). Also of note: Southpaw will be releasing the new Bare Wires album, titled Cheap Perfume, sometime soon!

Southpaw Records announces new releases from The Splinters and Nectarine Pie

Southpaw Records has put out some terrific records over the past year, including Ty Segall's live LP, and great singles from Shannon and the Clams, The Splinters and The Sandwitches. (Seriously, do you not own that Shannon 7"? "Paddy's Birthday" is one of the Clams' best songs!) Southpaw just announced two new 7"s currently available for pre-order (and both with limited color runs that are mail order-only) from The Splinters and Nectarine Pie. Following up on their Southpaw 7" last year, The Splinters' Carcass 7" includes two new songs. Meanwhile, Nectarine Pie's Dreamdaze is their debut release (and you can [...]

Audio Visual – local music meets fashion with Nectarine Pie

Audio Visual is a series exploring the fashion choices of local musicians. The Bay Area music scene is nothing if not diverse and this nonconformity is as evident in clothing as it is in music. With this in mind, Audio Visual strives to analyze the connection between sartorial choices of musicians and their work. You have to give it to Oakland-based psychedelic rock sextet Nectarine Pie for one thing: commitment to a vision. In a musical genre that includes "In A Gadda da Vida" and most of Hendrix's longer works, maintaining focus is probably not a simple thing. By combining [...]

Review: Greg Ashley, The Wolf, Mad Rivers, Nectarine Pie + more @ Ghost Town 5/7

The Ghost Town split itself open for May's First Friday to expose 7 of the bands that call this gallery home. Like some visible man anatomy model of my youth, the mysterious innards were slowly revealed. Brain: I arrived to find long time resident, recording guru and Gris Gris mastermind Greg Ashley playing where the beer machine used to be. Sadly I missed the first few songs, but the ones I did hear were the highlight of the night. His latest lineup included upright piano, upright bass, and sax plus Ashley on guitar. The music is all instrumental and a [...]

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