Review & Photos: Car Seat Headrest at the Fillmore

Car Seat Headrest (photo: Joshua Huver) Car Seat Headrest crashed into the Fillmore for two nights in a row, Tuesday and Wednesday, July 17 and 18. The group is going on their second year as a touring act, and has moved quickly from an ultra-intimate solo project into a much bigger group effort. When Car Seat Headrest first hit the road in 2016, Toledo was joined by longtime drummer Andrew Katz, guitarist Ethan Ives, and bassist Seth Dalby. They made their way across the country, riding waves through small venues like The Crepe Place where they were barely a blip [...]

Best of 2016: Patric Carver’s concert photos of the year

A Very Bloody Misfit Cabaret (photo: Patric Carver) Editor's note: Patric Carver is a new addition to The Bay Bridged photography team and in a short amount of time has already amassed an impressive number of photos from some shows in and around the Bay Area.  He has also covered some unique music events that you can see in his gallery below, which includes selections from cabaret shows. Here are 14 of his favorite photos he took from the year, all unique and of quite a few different bands and acts from the last few months.

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