Ticket Giveaway: MUTEK.SF’s Experience, featuring art, food and more

We've got something to make your Monday a little brighter: How about two tickets to MUTEK.SF's closing rager, Experience? Making its SF debut last year, MUTEK is an interactive art and music festival with a long and storied history in other major metropolitan hubs around the globe. Bridging tech and art in a way that no other festival can really match, MUTEK has returned for a second year, featuring artists like Kode9 & Koji Morimoto, GAIKA, Byetone, Dopplereffekt and more from May 2-5. For San Francisco's final show, MUTEK will host Experience at the Midway, featuring live music from CYRNAI, [...]

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MUTEK to return to San Francisco this spring

After making a splash in San Francisco last year, the Montreal-based international festival that highlights digital innovation and electronic and experimental music, MUTEK, is returning for a second stint from May 2-5 2019. MUTEK San Francisco will be the only US-based festival of its kind. As with the first festival, attendees can expect live performances and audiovisual artworks from renowned artists and submissions from around the world at multiple venues around the city. On deck for this year are national and international creators like Halal & Relaxer, Arpanet, GAIKA, Byetone, Amnesia Scanner, and more. The four-day event will also feature [...]

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MUTEK.SF spotlight: Russell E.L. Butler & Ian Colon

(photo: Mariah Tiffany) Oakland musician Russell E.L. Butler and video artist Ian Colon debuted a collaborative “exploration” piece last Saturday at MUTEK.SF’s "Nocturne 3" in the basement of the San Francisco Mint building. I sat down with Russell and Ian earlier that day at Heron Arts to discuss their current projects, as well as MUTEK’s potential impact on the current state of the Bay Area music and arts scene. Read excerpts from our 30 minute discussion below. The Bay Bridged: What’s the inspiration behind the new A/V performance you’re debuting at MUTEK.SF? Russell E.L. Butler: Ian and I have been [...]

MUTEK.SF reveals full festival lineup and venue breakdown

Montreal-based international festival of digital creativity MUTEK has announced the complete lineup for its first ever San Francisco edition taking place May 3-6, 2018. The four-day event will feature a variety of Bay Area-based artists and influencers, including Oakland’s Russell E.L. Butler and Secret Sidewalk, San Francisco’s Article C, Austin Cesear, Bézier, Braille & Chelley Sherman, Christina Chatfield, Indy Nyles, Jackie House, Night Sea, Roche, Solar & CLAWS, Topazu, and Vague Terrain, as well as 8ULENTINA, Christopher Willits, DIBIA$E, Foozool, King Most, and Only Now. If you’re wondering why you weren’t invited to perform at MUTEK.SF, you probably missed the [...]

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MUTEK festival accepting electronic project submissions for new SF edition

Montréal electronic music festival MUTEK has expanded to seven cities across four continents, announcing its first American edition in San Francisco on May 3-6, 2018. MUTEK has already held successful events in Mexico City, Barcelona, Dubai, Buenos Aires, and Tokyo, with each festival showcasing the music, art and digital culture of its respective region. Surefire Agency founder Miroslav Wiesner and international events coordinator Gabrielle de Villoutreys bring MUTEK to its inaugural San Francisco edition in May. Wiesner explains their vision for the new addition: “the intersection of art, music, and technology combined with the adaptive nature of the city, its [...]

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