Burnt Ones and The Mallard to release a split 7″

For those still reeling after the announcement that The Mallard, a post-punk project of Greer McGettrick, would no longer be a band last year - there is hope yet. The Mallard will be doing a posthumous split 7" alongside San Francisco scuzz rockers Burnt Ones on Mt. St. Mtn. Though the split 7" is scheduled for a May 6 release, Mt. St. Mtn is streaming Burnt Ones' side that includes a tune called "Glass Dream R.I.P.S.". Reverb-filled and glam rock-influenced, the track is delightfully eery. Listen to the track below: https://soundcloud.com/mt-st-mtn/burnt-ones-glass-dream-r-i-p-s As for The Mallard side, remember patience is a [...]

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