The Bay Bridged Presents: a Noise Pop Happy Hour with Baus, The Classical, and Motor Inn

Are you ready for Noise Pop? Well, we are, too. One of our favorite Noise Pop traditions is our annual Happy Hour show at Bender's February 26, and we're excited to bring it back this year with a trio of great local bands: Baus, The Classical, and Motor Inn. The show will start at 5pm and it's completely FREE. Baus is a trio formed by Thomas Jackson, Mike Morales, and Sierra Wendt who know how to play LOUD and without defined boundaries. Their 2014 LP Idol Minds draws from their wide array of influences to produce an entirely unique, high [...]

Mixtape: Fourteen San Francisco Bands to Watch in 2016 Download: Mixtape: Fourteen San Francisco Bands to Watch in 2016 (Podcast #379) Every year, it's an exciting challenge to compile our "Bands to Watch" mixtape: exciting because it heralds another year full of great music from the Bay Area's rising stars, and a challenge because there are far too many young acts worth including. This year's mix of bands to keep an eye on in 2016 collects fourteen artists from around the Bay Area. Notably, all of them are new to The Bay Bridged podcast, offering a variety of sounds that include forward-thinking bedroom pop, stripped-down singer-songwriter tunes, energized [...]

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